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ESOC/STAG CompassPoint Scottish O League 3, 28/04/2013

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Short Brown (length: 7km, climb: 355m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,186.61 + (59.04 x (5,084.88 - T)) / 900.98
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben StansfieldFVOM196801:03:081272
2David WeirMORM196001:03:411269
3Steve WilsonCLYDEM196501:10:541241
4Ross LilleyECKOM196801:11:111240
5Peter LawrenceGRAMPM196301:11:151240
6Sam GomersallGRAMPM196101:12:481234
7Ian MaxwellRRM196001:13:121232
8Clive MassonTAYM196801:16:561217
9Fiona BerrowFVOF198501:17:391215
10Kenneth DalyINTM196201:17:471214
11Max CarcasINTM196801:18:081213
12Gary LonghurstFVOM195901:22:191196
13Kirstin MaxwellRRF199201:23:181192
14John MasonMAROCM196401:24:471186
15Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196601:24:511186
16Paul McMillanMAROCM196401:25:571182
17Keith RobertsMAROCM195901:30:551162
18Iain ShepherdINVOCM196301:33:341152
19Alan PartridgeECKOM194901:33:441151
20Lauren EyreRNOCF199101:36:211141
21Iain McLeodGRAMPM196001:38:231133
22Trevor RickettsMAROCM196001:40:391124
23David EssonGRAMPM197901:58:111055
24Euan MackenzieESOCM196102:04:191031
-Jon HollingdaleJOKM196300:49:46
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