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ESOC/STAG CompassPoint Scottish O League 3, 28/04/2013

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Short Green (length: 3.45km, climb: 175m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
824.51 + (120.60 x (4,828.32 - T)) / 1,271.53
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Elizabeth BarrMORF196700:47:351012
2Joan NobleINVOCF194700:56:11963
3Carolyn DudleyMAROCF196200:58:54947
4Sheila McMurtrieMAROCF196800:59:12946
5Marion MacCormickBASOCF194401:01:19934
6Jim ClarkESOCM193601:02:55924
7Fiona FindlayESOCF194901:04:05918
8Eleanor PyrahESOCF194401:10:12883
9Andrea LinesECKOF196401:13:27864
10Bill StevensonESOCM194901:19:03833
11David CombeTAYM193801:19:27830
12Clare WilliamsESOCF196001:19:51828
13Stewart DunlopAYROCM194201:20:08826
14Moira LawsTAYF194201:23:47806
15Margaret McMillanMAROCF196401:26:34790
16Janet ClarkESOCF194101:28:54777
17Liz FraserTAYF194201:32:51754
18Jane McQuillenSOLWAYF194301:36:15735
19Katy LessellsESOCF194801:41:23706
20Maureen BrownESOCF194701:42:42698
21Fiona JohnstonRRF196001:43:14695
22Patricia McLaughlinSTAGF195102:22:28472
-Fran HumphreyESOCF195001:27:52
-Susan CoonF195101:39:53
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