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ESOC/STAG CompassPoint Scottish O League 3, 28/04/2013

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Light Green (length: 3.2km, climb: 155m, 14 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Rowan WhiteINVOCM199900:28:53
2Grace MolloyFVOF200000:29:35
3Callum HunterECKOM199900:31:05
4Joseph WrightEUOCM200000:31:09
5Freddie CarcasINTM199900:32:25
6Benjamin ParkinsonFVOM200000:33:13
7Finlay ToddINVOCM199900:34:22
8Hamish WeirMORM199900:35:43
9Tom LinesINTM199900:36:19
10Roanne LilleyINTF199900:38:44
11Gordon MacmillanECKOM196700:39:43
12Lindsay RobertsonEUOCF199900:40:17
13Kieran WattsFVOM199900:44:15
14Emma BairdECKOF199900:44:27
15Megan RickettsMAROCF199900:46:15
16James AcklandINTM199900:46:37
17Jura MacmillanINTF200000:47:15
18James AcklandINTM199900:53:06
19Robbie IasonMAROCM199801:02:28
20Helen ParkinsonFVOF196801:11:47
21Adrian HopeBASOCM192801:29:42
22Adrienne SowoodINVOCF194401:36:49
-Valerie SpringettINVOCF194801:12:47
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