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British Long Distance Orienteering Championships (UKOL), 30/04/2016

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jocie HiltonSNF200600:25:37
2Abigail ToyeGOF200800:28:36
3Emma CurrieSOCW200600:28:50
4Fraser StampWCHM201100:29:57
5Isabelle TongeBOKF200900:30:18
6Josh SchofieldNOCM200700:30:42
7Craig ThompsonHOCM200900:31:23
8Oscar MardlingWCHM201100:31:48
9Luke Mills-HicksGOM200700:33:04
10Jamie KingGOM200900:33:56
11Rebecca LovegroveSNF200600:34:33
12Alice PietersSYOF200900:35:29
13Henry JeffriesM200800:35:31
14Tara DaviesW200600:36:40
15Lucy TownleySNF200700:38:39
16Charlotte LovegroveSNF200900:40:46
17Oscar PeelSYOM200800:42:27
18George RennieWCOCM200800:49:32
19Samuel BuckleySYOM200800:57:36
-Hannah McAllisterGOF200800:15:29
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