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MV Ranking Event, 06/04/2014

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Brown (length: 8km, climb: 285m, 26 controls)

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Point calculations
1,191.55 + (90.71 x (4,407.04 - T)) / 861.93
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alan VeleckySOM196600:53:111320
2Jonathan AlbonCHIGM198900:53:211318
3Alistair MassonINTM199700:54:511309
4Kenny LeitchSOM196400:57:161294
5Richard BarrettBAOCM197000:59:061282
6Neil CrickmoreSOM196201:01:521265
7Keith MassonMVM196001:02:311261
8Tom FrostSNM196701:05:541239
9Chris HookerSOM196101:05:561239
10Tony BurtonMVM196401:06:581232
11Ben SmithSLOWM198701:10:511208
12Ling Sang Angus LiuSLOWM199201:11:231205
13Gordon ParkerSLOWM196301:13:501189
14Martin HimeLOKM196101:14:211186
15Dmitry UshakovLOKM197301:15:461177
16Michael MuggeridgeHAVOCM196101:15:501177
17Neil BrooksLOKM196001:16:301172
18Mark GlaisherSAXM195101:16:371172
19David ThomasBKOM199501:18:541157
20Andy RobinsonLOCM195401:19:551151
21Neil CarterSUFFOCM197701:23:411127
22Eric HeritageLEIM195901:29:181091
23Zsolt PodolyakSNM196801:39:201028
24Graham ThomasSAXM196201:39:341027
25Paul WilsonSOM196201:49:30964
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