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MV Ranking Event, 06/04/2014

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Green (length: 4km, climb: 110m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
933.95 + (113.55 x (3,418.71 - T)) / 705.94
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Nicholas JarvisSOM199600:31:541176
2Peter MartinSAXM194900:36:441129
3Nikolay KolevTVOCM196500:43:241065
4Pavlima IlievaW197400:44:44
5Dave CussensSOM195200:47:321025
6Nadine ClarkSOF196300:48:201017
7Jeremy OldershawSAXM193800:48:221017
8Stevie EwensSTAGM195600:48:271016
9John MorrisSOM194500:49:371005
10Simon LingMVM194500:50:53993
11Mike PerrySAXM194400:51:43985
12George EngelhardtMVM195400:52:09981
13Liz DrewCLAROF194900:52:15980
14Andrew WardSOM196100:57:06933
15Bridget HooperSOF194400:57:55925
16Rowan PurkisLOCF195400:59:11913
17Ian GoodwinSOM195500:59:22911
18Frances GoldingayHHF194901:00:14903
19Jane KingSOF195601:00:57896
20Leslie HooperSOM194201:03:05875
21Nicky MassonMVF196401:03:30871
22Ruth RhodesSOF194201:05:07855
23C DrewEBORM194701:05:35851
24Jasmine BennettSOF195301:09:50810
25Jon MooreMVM194801:10:23805
26Jane BreedHHF195201:16:14748
27Susan ParkerSOF194001:23:55674
28Sharon JonesBOFF196602:10:13227
-Jannion IrelandSOF195700:58:00
-Chris McDonaldMVM194200:58:21
-Diane GoodwinSWOCF196102:43:17
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