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INT CompassPoint Scottish O League 1, 08/03/2015

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Short Green (length: 4.05km, climb: 120m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
831.85 + (81.63 x (4,385.45 - T)) / 826.95
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sheila StrainELOF194800:53:47946
2Jane CarcasINTF196600:57:10926
3Jan ClenaghanSOLWAYF195000:59:33912
4Heather SmithardKFOF194901:00:30906
5Sheila McMurtrieMAROCF196801:01:25901
6Liz OrrCLYDEF196001:01:27901
7Duncan ShiellRRM194801:03:10891
8Julie WatsonECKOF196701:03:27889
9Ian HendrieFVOM195201:04:29883
10Anne StevensonESOCF194801:06:19872
11Hannah CooperINDW198001:06:41
12Eleanor PyrahESOCF194401:07:41864
13Claire MacphersonCLYDEF197901:08:40858
14Ailsa O'DonoghueSOLWAYF199801:10:17848
15Helen O'DonoghueSOLWAYF196201:10:28847
16Lorna YoungTINTOF195901:12:21836
17Katy LessellsESOCF194801:14:56821
18Margaret DearmanMORF194901:15:51816
19Jan KerselECKOF195801:18:00803
20Fiona FindlayESOCF194901:18:19801
21Anne ThomESOCF195001:18:38799
22Moira LawsTAYF194201:20:23789
23Maureen BrownESOCF194701:22:06778
24Sally RolloSOLWAYF195201:22:24777
25Andrea LinesECKOF196401:22:25777
26Jim ClarkESOCM193601:23:05773
27Fiona JohnstonRRF196001:24:27765
28Hanne RobertsonESOCF197001:27:24747
29Tina YoungINTF195601:34:35705
30Robert KerESOCM194001:36:03696
31Susan ShiellRRF194901:43:41651
32Jane McQuillenSOLWAYF194301:54:09589
33Susan CoonF195102:02:23540
34Trish CarmichaelTINTOF194802:20:27433
-Anne PearsonTAYF195601:19:45
-Catherine RooneyRRF196001:20:26
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