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Race the Castles in Yorkshire (UKOL), 17/08/2019

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UKOL 1 Black (M18,M21,M35) (length: 10.7km, climb: 180m, 25 controls)

Other courses: UKOL 2 Brown (M40,M45,M50,W18,W20,W21,W35) | UKOL 3 Blue (M55,M60,W40,W45,W50) | UKOL 4 Green (M65,M70,W55,W60) | UKOL 5 Short Green (M75,M80,W65,W70,W75,W80) | UKOL 6 Light Green (M16,W16) | Yellow

Point calculations
1,206.53 + (85.71 x (3,720.73 - T)) / 535.17
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Aidan SmithINTM199500:47:031350
2Daniel Gardner-DeclaudureTVOCM199300:53:171290
3Andrew PrestonSYOM197700:53:331288
4Andy GloverLEIM197800:55:081273
5Ryan ElliotSYOM200000:55:141272
6Dominic DakinSYOM200100:55:161271
7Jack CooperAIREM198400:55:391268
8Robert HoldwayPOTOCM198300:57:141252
9Chris WilliamsonSYOM198700:57:181252
10Craig LucasLOGM199700:58:041244
11Karl MarshallSYOM196700:58:241241
12James BennettWCHM198601:02:061206
13Chris Hartmann-LambertSYOM199101:02:181204
14Andrew HobsonAIREM198401:02:311202
15Daniel HodsonHHM199401:02:451199
16Kevin RandallSYOM198201:04:381181
17Brendan BollandWAROCM196801:06:421161
18Thomas JarvisRAFOM199901:08:301144
19Daniel FiggHHM199801:12:481103
20John BlatherwickAIREM198701:13:441094
21Stuart MccreadieWIMM198201:14:511083
22Oscar AnglimCLOKM200001:16:561063
23Martyn DeanCLOKM195901:27:13964
-Mark BryantSYOM198501:04:47
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