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CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League 2 (incorporating BUCS relay), 31/03/2019

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Light Green (length: 3km, climb: 160m, 11 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1James HammondFVOM200600:21:31
2Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:26:05
3Faith Kenyon MORF200500:26:52
4Adam BarrieMAROCM200500:27:30
5David IvoryM200600:28:03
6Maja RobertsonESOCF200600:32:50
7alice kemsleyBASOCF200500:33:05
8Cat ChapmanMAROCF200500:33:21
9Elizabeth GardnerCLYDEF198700:34:00
10Joel AtkinsonELOM200600:34:09
11Ewan McCartneyCLYDEM200600:36:12
12Iris MacMillanINTF200500:37:05
13Ewan BennettMAROCM200500:39:20
14David NicolFVOM195300:41:42
15Inger-Sofie SelmerTAYF197300:41:43
16Charlotte ReynoldsBASOCF200500:42:13
17Angus LairdINVOCM200600:44:45
18Morven FarquharsonGRAMPF200500:45:48
19Kirsty FarquharsonGRAMPF200500:47:59
20Lucy HensmanFVOF200500:51:59
21Kirsty FlintFVOF200600:54:21
22Heidi Elise Eik MaxwellFVOF200400:55:41
23Jenny Eik MaxwellFVOF200200:59:27
24Marianne EikFVOW197401:00:56
25Joseph LawlorESOCM200501:02:19
26Jude MaxwellFVOM196401:11:35
-Clare WhiteheadMAROCF197600:38:08
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