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East Midlands League 2019 & YBT Heat, 19/05/2019

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Yellow (length: 2.5km, climb: 40m, 13 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Maddy BatchelorWCHF000000:14:40
2Jonah HearnWCHM200900:17:03
3Esther MardlingWCHF000000:17:29
4Charlotte DanielsWCHF000000:18:32
5Toni O'DonovanLEIF197800:20:18
6Jacob MilesM000000:20:27
7Georgia CaveWCHF000000:21:43
8Cerys GloverLEIF201000:23:10
9Josh BonesLOGM200700:26:23
10Fraser StampWCHM201000:28:45
11Jacob Williams Bray + Charlie McCraeLEIM000000:29:15
12Aaron Barry and Isabel BarryLEIM000000:29:39
13Will Purdy + Sky Williams-BrayLEIM000000:30:34
14Cara WeirWCHF000000:30:38
15Cameron Peckham & Lucas AndreM000000:36:03
16Daniel StothardLEIM200600:40:18
17Sophia BallDVOF201100:40:55
18Dorothy WindsorF000000:56:59
-Robin Pearce mpDVOM000000:30:20
-Jessica Williams mpF000000:38:08
-Alice WoodwardDVOF200700:53:10
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