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East Midlands League 2019 & YBT Heat, 19/05/2019

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Brown (length: 9.6km, climb: 180m, 27 controls)

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Point calculations
1,225.04 + (59.39 x (3,815.85 - T)) / 391.83
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Richard RobinsonNOCM198100:50:231345
2Philip VokesODM199600:50:531341
3James RogersLOCM199300:53:551313
4Chris WilliamsonSYOM198700:59:171264
5David PettitDVOM198400:59:581258
6Edward de Salis YoungLEIM196901:00:481250
7Andy GloverLEIM197801:02:271235
8Robert HoldwayPOTOCM198301:02:411233
9Karl MarshallSYOM196701:03:001230
10Mark RookledgeODM196601:04:331216
11Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOM197301:04:371216
12Mark StodgellWCHM197201:04:391215
13Richard GaleDVOM198501:04:411215
14Joseph TwiggLUOCM199901:05:241209
15Andrew StuartFVOM198301:05:261208
16James BennettWCHM198601:06:091202
17Craig LucasLOGM199701:08:471178
18Alan Le MoigneDVOM197501:09:331171
19Kevin LomasNOCM195601:10:031166
20Roger PhillipsLEIM197601:14:541122
21Chris PrinceHAVOCM199601:15:131119
22Andrew WardLEIM198801:30:01985
-Bob DredgeWCOCM195101:19:12
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