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Leek Urban WMUL, 03/11/2019

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Course 3 (length: 5.8km, climb: 110m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,047.58 + (78.36 x (3,351.74 - T)) / 329.26
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:47:501162
2Graham JohnsonDVOM195500:49:121143
3Paul HudsonNOCM196200:49:321138
4David RichesCLOKM196200:49:331138
5Duncan InnesSWOCM196200:51:251111
6Stephen KimberleyDVOM195800:51:281110
7Christine FarrSWOCF197500:51:511105
8John HurleyDVOM195500:52:011102
9Andis OzolsDVOM198000:52:141099
10Dave BalesBOFM195500:52:291096
11John BrammerDEEM195900:52:591089
12William GaleDVOM199700:53:401079
13Simon GaleDVOM197000:53:421078
14Mark SherriffLEIM196200:54:171070
15Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:55:361051
16Jim CookePOTOCM196200:56:081044
17Andrew SelbyDVOM197500:56:501034
18Mark ClewsPOTOCM198400:57:151028
19Gerard RileyPOTOCM195800:58:041016
20Ianka EvansPOTOCF196700:59:071001
21Claire SelbyDVOF197200:59:31995
22Adrian HarrisMDOCM196600:59:41993
23Philip CaswellLEIM196101:00:15985
24Kate LowndesDVOF198601:01:35966
25Jonathan LeeLEIM196101:04:27925
26Peter HayesMDOCM195801:04:56918
27Alison CorbettPOTOCF196501:07:34880
28Andrew WallaceNOCM195701:10:01845
29Geoffrey HollinsPOTOCM195401:20:42693
-Paul GoodheadDVOM196100:57:24
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