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Northern Championships (UKOL), 03/04/2022

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Alasdair PedleyAROSM199901:13:351381
2Duncan ArcherLOCM197701:16:231373
3Andrew StempAIREM199701:22:511353
4Ben StevensINTM198701:23:031353
5Steve BirkinshawWCOCM196801:27:431338
6Jonathan MalleyNATOM199201:37:021310
7Ian CumpsteyJOKM197701:53:461259
8Craig LucasLOGM199701:56:451250
9Matthew FoskettNNM199702:08:491213
-Philip VokesODM199601:20:46
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