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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1, 01/08/2021

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C3 (length: 7.9km, climb: 335m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
1,200.45 + (83.53 x (5,368.39 - T)) / 1,562.07
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Andrew PrestonSYOM197701:04:071282
2Anthony SquireNOCM197701:04:331280
3David AlcockAIREM197601:06:081275
4Ray WardINTM197501:07:171272
5Nicholas CooperSNM197501:08:461267
6Glen RichardsonNORM197801:09:381264
7Jolyon MedlockWSXM197401:15:291245
8Richard HuntSYOM197301:15:541244
9William IvoryINTM197201:16:431241
10James MeredithEBORM197801:17:041240
11Simon HodgsonSYOM197401:21:561225
12Tim DarlowRRM197501:22:021224
13Francis ShillitoeNATOM197401:23:411219
14Peter MoseleySROCM197701:25:201214
15Drew TivendaleMAROCM197301:25:231214
16Peter MurphyDEEM197701:26:331210
17Kristian GroomSYOM197701:27:141208
18Graeme RossINTM197301:30:361197
19Ben BethellNORM197901:31:171195
20Jeff PakesQOM197201:31:411193
21Tim HoltSYOM197801:35:101182
22Paul MatherMAROCM197601:35:141182
23Greg MayPFOM198001:35:191182
24Richard GambleLVOM197301:38:421171
25Brian CoweWAOCM197601:42:491158
26Steve WilsonPFOM197401:45:261149
27Philip PriceECKOM198101:46:36
28James TodhunterSROCM197901:50:171134
29Andy McNamaraAYROCM197302:03:371091
30Richard PowellWAOCM197603:22:29838
-Richard GuillaumeSYOM198100:32:56
-Andrew HowardWIMM197400:54:00
-David NewtonDVOM197801:29:05
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