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Scottish 6 Days - Day 1, 01/08/2021

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C6 (length: 6.25km, climb: 305m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,144.87 + (76.41 x (4,636.41 - T)) / 958.02
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mairi EadesINTF200100:57:221240
2Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200100:58:051237
3Pippa CarcasINTF200300:58:511233
4Rachel DuckworthDVOF200300:59:101232
5Evie ConwayAIREF200201:02:301216
6Kirsty CampbellMAROCF200101:02:501214
7Gordon HaleSTAGM198701:04:011208
8Alice WilsonEUOCF200201:06:011199
9Karen ParkerBLF196301:07:221192
10Chloë CracknellMAROCF200101:10:291177
11James WilkinsonNGOCM199101:11:001175
12Sarah DuckworthDVOF200101:18:371138
13Fiona EadesINTF200401:20:381129
14Rachel CollinsLVOF200101:21:571122
15Thomas JarvisRAFOM199901:22:331120
16Sophie JonesUBOCF200201:22:351119
17Agnes BrookeWSXF200301:25:481104
18Suzy DixonTVOCF198401:28:121093
19Isabelle HodgsonSYOF200201:28:461090
20Jane ChisholmBASOCF198301:31:411076
21Alex ElliotSYOF200301:32:431071
22Jonathon HootonEBORM199201:37:361048
23Callum McIntyreINTM199901:39:571036
24Lucy JarrettCUOCF200201:40:18
25Claudine HodgsonSYOF200301:44:471013
26Alexandra HareNATOF200101:45:061012
27Sarah McAdamESOCF198401:48:15997
28Helen BickleWAOCF198201:49:06993
29Julia PrestonSROCF198202:16:57859
-Rosie SpencerWCOCF200201:14:13
-Matthew DammersM000001:14:16
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