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CompassSport Cup Heat, 13/03/2022

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2 (length: 5.5km, climb: 335m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,180.72 + (93.78 x (4,301.42 - T)) / 978.15
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Duncan ArcherLOCM197700:46:201327
2Peter TrynerSYOM197400:50:181304
3Rob BakerNNM197800:51:291297
4Phil ScarfEPOCM196300:53:151287
5Colin SmithSYOM196500:54:131281
6Andrew PrestonSYOM197700:54:291280
7James WilliamsEPOC00:55:191275
8James MeredithEBORM197800:55:351273
9Adrian HallAIREM197300:56:311268
10Dominic GreenCLOKM200300:57:401261
11Andrew StimsonNNM198101:02:071236
12Matthew TinkerEPOCM197901:05:331216
13Simon HodgsonSYOM197401:06:061213
14Karl MarshallSYOM196701:06:481209
15Richard GoverEBORM197901:08:531197
16Robert GatenbyAIREM197801:08:541197
17Carrick ArmerAIREM198001:09:441192
18David BowmanAIREM197301:09:491191
19Alastair MackenzieCLOKM195801:11:421181
20Paul WalwynSYOM198001:12:211177
21David JollyRAFOM197401:13:131172
22Kevin FrancisCLAROM198201:15:031161
23Lewis BalfourNATOM198001:15:191160
24Peter BrookeSELOCM198201:19:261136
25Wayne ByrneRAFOM198001:23:561110
26Will DreweCLAROM198101:24:081109
27Jed Hampshire WrightNNM200201:26:101097
28Matt BrierleySELOCM198201:27:381089
29Mike ByronHALOM197501:28:101086
30Tom WoodhamAIREM197401:31:271067
31Ross Marshall-IvensNNM197701:41:401008
32Dave PeelNNM197801:41:471008
33Stephen RichardsSELOCM195301:52:06948
34Lazar StaykovNNM197701:54:06937
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