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Scottish Orienteering League 3, 15/05/2022

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Short Blue (length: 3.9km, climb: 155m, 11 controls)

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Point calculations
1,084.02 + (82.15 x (2,966.48 - T)) / 571.24
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John TullieRRM195700:31:251240
2Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:36:021200
3Robert HicklingBASOCM195400:36:391194
4Janine InmanFVOF197700:38:071182
5Crawford LindsayESOCM195500:40:041165
6Morag McLuckieMORF197200:40:401160
7Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:43:061139
8Heather FellbaumFVOF196300:44:121129
9Mary RossINTF197200:44:261127
10Nikki HowardMORF197400:44:281127
11Grant CarstairsTAYM195400:44:331126
12Finlay RossESOCM196600:45:331118
13Mark HollidayFVOM195600:46:441107
14Kathleen InchFVOF196800:47:241102
15Jacquie LairdINVOCF197200:50:351074
16Rory PercivalTAYM196400:51:171068
17Maire ConveryTAYF196700:52:331057
18Nicola MelvilleFVOF196900:54:311040
19Ben POLWARTFVOM200300:54:371039
20Fran DaleyESOCF197500:54:551037
21Hanne RobertsonESOCF197000:56:301023
22Katja NeumannMAROCF196900:57:171016
23Karen FraserMORF197600:59:30997
24Ian ShreadINVOCM196801:00:05992
25Alison MathesonINVOCF197001:03:41961
26Yuliia BuhaietsAYROCF197701:04:13
27Jenny HammondFVOF197501:06:48934
28Richard LlewellynNOCM195401:09:13913
29Sara JosefssonSTAGF200101:10:21904
-Frances BritainMORF197001:47:24
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