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Southern Championships (UKOL), 12/12/2021

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Point calculations
1,069.34 + (110.37 x (5,663.70 - T)) / 1,569.71
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Sarah ScarbroughMVF198201:14:061155
2Charlotte TurnerSLOWF198601:15:151150
3Scarlet HeapSOF200301:15:491148
4Alexander SoulsbyHHM197701:21:201124
5Sian MitchellHHF197801:25:411106
6Amelia BartlettSOF200301:26:511101
7Sarah DarleySNF200501:31:091083
8Nikolay MikhaylyukTVOCM198101:37:271056
9Kenneth FoxSAXM196501:49:151007
10Richard WhitakerSAXM195201:50:101003
11Heidi LloydTVOCF197702:46:09767
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