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SOS Hockley, 03/04/2022

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Green (length: 4.9km, climb: 65m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
903.78 + (85.19 x (4,766.55 - T)) / 969.26
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tegan FramptonHHF200500:56:281025
2David FramptonHHM197000:59:001012
3Tony MaycraftCHIGM195800:59:061011
4Mark ThompsonTVOCM195501:03:42987
5Eliza HermannHHF196101:05:07979
6Garry ParmenterHAVOCM194601:05:24978
7Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196501:06:32972
8Paul ButtBOFM196701:07:48965
9Hanna BiernackaWAOCF197601:08:08963
10Edwin BanksSOSM195201:09:31956
11David SandersonSOSM196101:14:28930
12Lucy WalkerSOSF200301:14:44929
13Lyn WestSOSF195401:19:17905
14Philip HagueWAOCM196901:19:31903
15Geoff GoodwinDFOKM195101:23:16884
16Steven PartridgeSOSM196901:23:34882
17Louise GoddardSUFFOCF197301:24:15878
18Natalia NotkinaF197701:26:17
19Rob SibleySAXM195301:27:13863
20Olga RomanovaF197701:28:02
21Peter RichesTVOCM195001:28:39855
22Mike ElliotMVM195101:28:50854
23Susan Waller-ToyneSOSF196501:30:39845
24Hilary SellensSOSF195501:33:18831
25Alesha LoweSUFFOCF200401:38:07805
26Colin MerryDFOKM195301:51:17736
27Johanna PowellWAOCF197601:56:33708
28Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195501:57:54701
-Richard BonnettBAOCM195501:14:41
-Jackie SibthorpSOSF196601:18:35
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