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SOS Hockley, 03/04/2022

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Yellow (length: 2.1km, climb: 20m, 13 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Darrio Mukyiu TamHHM201200:18:09
2Henry LaneHHM200900:19:36
3Isabella SmithHHF201100:23:17
5Laurie DuttonM201100:27:33
6Annabella KerryHHF201100:27:58
7Amber SmithHHF201200:28:15
8Ben MartinSOSM200900:30:18
9Melanie MooreINDF196700:35:19
10Isabelle ReavellWAOCF201200:38:09
11Nina MitchellWAOCF201100:39:25
12Charlotte NauntonHHF201200:50:54
13Helen RodwellF197201:04:03
14Kerry SuttonIND000001:04:03
15Kieran MilnerINDM201101:07:24
16Caelan PurvorINDM200901:16:14
17Sophie TaylorSOSF201201:19:48
18Dawn BostockIND000002:25:59
-Betsan PowellWAOCF200801:14:49
-Fraiser WatsonINDM201101:16:11
-Cleo WilliamsonINDF201101:47:17
-Kalum GuzelINDM200901:50:00
-Jole OduwoleINDM201101:50:05
-Arther DeanINDM200901:55:07
-Joshua GoochINDM201101:55:23
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