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S6D Moray 2023 Day 4 (UKOL), 03/08/2023

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jenny ThompsonTVOCF193800:59:16753
2Sheila MiklausicNGOCF194801:00:17744
3Valerie SpringettINVOCF194801:01:44732
4Alison SlomanHOCF193601:03:54714
5Yvonne HodsonTVOCF194701:13:36634
6Nina StimsonNWOF194601:17:03605
7Monika CooperSYOF194501:19:30584
8Adrienne SowoodINVOCF194401:20:03580
9Sue BirkinshawMDOCF193701:30:54490
10Barbara GeorgeNORF193401:31:31484
11Rosalind WestHAVOCF194801:34:45458
12Gillian CrossWIMF194501:38:23427
-Elsie HargreavesKERNOF194600:29:47
-Jo ThornleyAIREF194701:11:41
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