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Autumn in Anglia Day 2, 08/10/2023

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Course 3 (length: 5.8km, 26 controls)

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Point calculations
987.78 + (131.14 x (3,360.19 - T)) / 704.20
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David HodsonHHM196400:39:351171
2Chris RamptonWAOCM196500:43:461125
3Dil WetherillWAOCM196400:44:191118
4David AverillSMOCM196400:45:511101
5Clive WilkinsonSUFFOCM196200:46:391092
6Camilla DarwinWAOCF196900:47:251084
7Rod ManselSUFFOCM195900:52:511023
8John ClarkeSUFFOCM196800:54:501001
9Katharine BartramNORF197200:56:18984
10Carla Sutherland NORF197900:58:29960
11Peter DuthieWAOCM195900:58:37959
12Hanna BiernackaWAOCF197601:00:34937
13Blyda HeferSLOWF197601:00:37936
14David VinsenNORM196301:04:35892
15Suet Yan MuiWAOCF197701:10:09830
16Sarah DixonHHF197301:18:15739
17John DuffieldHHM194701:23:22682
18Peter LundWAOCM195901:32:45577
-Michael ChoppingRAFOM195901:02:32
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