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KFO Regional Event incorporating Scottish University Champs, 13/11/2022

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Orange (length: 2.7km, climb: 35m, 8 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Emma LeslieGUOCF200500:28:34
2Jane AndersonKFOF197200:29:13
3Robert SimmersESOCM200700:31:25
4Rachel ShawSTUOCF200500:31:36
5Hannah InmanFVOF201200:35:35
6Isla CalvertEUOCF200300:36:32
7Tereza KindermannovaAUOCF200100:36:35
8Mia TroffigueSTUOCF200300:37:26
9Craig McAdamKFOM195700:38:10
10Morven DuncanKFOF200500:39:34
11Tilda HaleyAUOCF200100:40:06
12Emma DaleyESOCF201200:40:37
13Summer LiangGUOCF200300:41:26
14Christopher JohnsM200900:42:52
15Zainab KennySTUOCF200100:43:51
16Kirsty RymanGUOCF200300:47:25
17Fran HumphreyESOCF195200:55:29
18Carl Selmer DuguidTAYM201200:55:43
19Maximilian RobartsM197701:01:37
20Sommer-Anderson GroupF198701:04:17
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