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CompassSport Cup Heat, 12/03/2023

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben MitchellSBOCM199300:58:591468
2Robert FinchNGOCM199201:25:111338
3Patrick JonesSBOCM200201:25:111338
4Adam FieldhouseQOM199701:28:371321
5Robin FieldhouseQOM199401:29:351316
6William ReynoldsSBOCM199801:30:131313
7Matt WhippleSWOCM198901:30:341311
8Richard CroninNGOCM198901:37:321277
9Iestyn EvansSBOCM199601:41:571255
10Andrew HartleyNGOCM198801:46:101234
11OLIVER RANTQOM199701:51:311208
12David RoyBOKM198202:10:061116
13Mark PonsfordSWOCM198702:11:531107
14Connor BeattieBOKM199802:24:071046
15David BrowneQOM198302:27:301030
-Thomas HaslerQOM200201:32:47
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