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CompassSport Cup Heat, 12/03/2023

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Point calculations
971.99 + (108.69 x (5,525.76 - T)) / 1,393.87
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Karen CrawfordBOKF196901:11:311068
2Bethan IrwinSBOCF197801:13:131060
3Christine FarrSWOCF197501:14:361054
4Hannah BRADLEYNGOCF197301:19:581029
5Vanessa LawsonNGOCF197101:20:521025
6Suzanne HardingNGOCF196401:22:581015
7Alex AgombarNGOCF197701:28:28989
8Rachel DennisBOKF196701:29:50983
9Linda MuddQOF196101:39:10939
10Gill TindalBOKF196601:43:34918
11Judith TaylorNGOCF196501:43:44918
12Amy CurtisBOKF197001:51:37881
13Theresa WheatcroftBOKF196101:58:49847
14Suzanne BaillieBOKF196402:02:52828
15Hilary NichollsNGOCF196702:42:36642
-Marion StutzriemerBOKF197601:22:26
-Trudi JohnsonBOKF196801:47:52
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