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Midland Champs (UKOL) and BUCS individual, 09/03/2024

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Oscar PeelSYOM200800:44:541312
2Robbie LightfootSYOM200800:52:461267
3Adam LandelsODM200900:57:05
4Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:57:341239
5Max Straube-RothODM200901:00:02
6Jonah HearnWCHM200901:03:04
7Craig ThompsonHOCM200901:07:23
8Daniel PigottPOTOCM200901:17:28
9Lucy GilesBAOCF196901:19:311114
10Emma JarrettWAOCF197601:21:471101
11Joseph GuySYOM200801:29:531055
12Libby BarberLEIF200401:32:551037
13Chun Yan Alistair FuWAOCM200801:37:301011
14Hannah BrookesUCLF200301:37:49
15Alex AgombarNGOCF197701:43:38976
16Rachel PhillipsCUOCF199901:55:30908
17Nita JackmanNORF197302:03:28863
18Heidi LloydTVOCF197702:04:59854
19Charlotte WicksWAOCF197402:09:25829
-Johanna PowellWAOCF197601:48:00
-Julia BaldwinSUFFOCF197001:54:47
-Hanna BiernackaWAOCF197602:16:18
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