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BOK Local event, 04/05/2024

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Orange (length: 3.45km, climb: 50m, 9 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David BovillNGOCM198000:25:35
2Amy WattsBOKF201100:28:56
3Gabriella RussellINDF200300:31:19
4Ben LoweBOKM201000:31:54
5Heather BovillNGOCF198100:32:30
6Florence PattenBOKF201200:33:08
7Kate WoodrowINDF196400:34:35
8Claire HarrisonINDF198400:37:07
9Lisa PattenINDF198400:37:43
10Elina BaileyBOKF200300:41:58
11Helena ClarkeBAOCF201300:42:45
12Elaine GreenBOKF196200:49:20
13Juliet HorsfieldBOKF201200:52:25
14Rachel OveryINDF200300:54:02
15Sally IngramHOCF195700:56:12
16Anne MaySWOCF194900:59:20
17Heather RidleyINDF197901:01:42
18Dave MeeINDM197901:01:48
19Ted CrippsNGOCM195001:08:10
20Jan StarrBOKF196901:09:45
21Richard PerkinsINDM196401:10:45
22John SymondsINDM194401:20:41
-John ClaphamINDM197400:40:52
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