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CompassSport Cup Heat, 18/02/2024

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6 (length: 4.15km, climb: 180m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
1,086.47 + (96.69 x (4,028.39 - T)) / 1,105.56
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:43:391210
2Robert LeeINTM196200:46:191196
3Richard OxladeESOCM195800:50:071176
4Paul CabanINTM196400:54:501151
5Davie FrameTAYM195800:54:541151
6Mark HollidayFVOM195600:55:171149
7Nick HaleMAROCM195800:55:191149
8Dennis McDonaldGRAMPM196400:55:311147
9Robert DalyGRAMPM195700:56:231143
10Chris LowMAROCM196000:56:561140
11Rob ParkinsonMORM195600:57:061139
12Evgueni ChepelinELOM196400:58:19
13Crawford LindsayESOCM195500:59:331126
14Callum ScottBASOCM195600:59:391126
15Robin SloanRRM194700:59:441125
16Charlie WaltonINVOCM196200:59:511125
17Kevin HardingESOCM195901:02:421110
18Ian DavidsonCLYDEM195701:05:001098
19Graham McIntyreINTM195801:07:071087
20Stephen BinghamBASOCM195801:09:101076
21Rory PercivalTAYM196401:10:101071
22Terry O'Brien BEMSTAGM195801:11:371063
23Pete YoungerELOM195501:15:451041
24David AndersonTAYM196501:17:121034
25Brian BullenFVOM195101:17:541030
26Grant CarstairsTAYM195401:19:331021
27Andrew ArmstrongRRM195701:21:131013
28John OwenFVOM195701:21:331011
29Richard LlewellynNOCM195401:21:551009
30David RobertsonESOCM196201:22:531004
31Ian McIntyreINTM196301:35:23938
32Jeff HodgsonELOM195901:37:50925
33David SummersINVOCM196101:38:15923
34Jamie WilsonELOM196002:09:06761
-David NicholAYROCM195801:58:49
-Allan DownieTAYM195802:06:00
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