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ESOC SoSOL, 10/03/2024

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Brown (length: 9km, climb: 130m, 23 controls)

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Point calculations
1,262.47 + (86.71 x (3,494.36 - T)) / 618.52
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Eddie NorbertM200300:41:48
2Scott FraserINTM198900:45:16
3Tom LinesINTM199900:46:051365
4Ben StevensINTM198700:46:401360
5Alasdair PedleyAROSM199900:46:471359
6Finlay ToddINVOCM199900:47:461351
7Finn LydonAROSM199900:49:001340
8Joel AtkinsonELOM200600:52:261311
9Matthew LeitchINTM199800:54:511291
10Colin WilliamsRRM197900:57:21
11Daniel BarberEUOCM200000:57:581265
12Benji EdmondsonELOM200500:59:161254
13William IvoryINTM197201:00:341243
14Thomas AthorneSTAGM198801:00:571240
15Louise AdamsINTF199801:03:541215
16Lucy WardINTF201001:05:36
17Alison O'NeilESOCF198501:05:441199
18Mark WoodFVOM196801:06:531190
19Dermot BailieELOM197901:08:35
20Steph ValentinELOF197901:24:57
21Edmund RooneyRRM196101:25:301033
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