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ESOC SoSOL, 10/03/2024

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Yellow (length: 2.075km, climb: 15m, 12 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Poppy DavisF201400:19:43
2Ember ChepelinINTF201600:21:38
3Finn MackenzieM201700:21:40
4Leila + Julia + Adam IddirM201300:22:21
5Michael CobbESOCM197400:24:18
6Toni & Jim FraserINTM202000:27:20
7Michelle Jeffrey & Sophie CobbESOCF197400:28:35
8Nevis Vidal-SastreELOF201400:28:47
9Max PatonM201400:29:05
10Sam PatonM201400:33:18
11Clare + 5F198900:56:49
-Alan MacGregorESOCM195300:43:01
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