The links below take you to two articles on how to organise a simple TrailO event (PreO or TempO) or a 'Taster TrailO' set of controls usually organised in connection with a standard Foot Orienteering event.

TrailO events can be staged at club level using very little manpower, and are excellent for training map-reading skills as well as providing challenging competition in their own right. In 'Taster TrailO', up to 6 controls in this format are put out on the route to the start or close to the assembly area, and this additional attraction is popular amongst participants at the events that provide them. In Scotland this format is known as PreO, for historical reasons. Elsewhere it is known as IntrO.

The first article, published in November 2016, covers all the practical steps involved in staging TrailO at this level: link to it here.

The second article, published in 2013, goes into more detail on TrailO conventions and course planning, and also provides an excellent introduction to the procedures and techniques used in TrailO for readers not fully familiar with this discipline. Link to this second article here.

A sample control card for PreO can be found here and one for TempO here.