The 2024 JK was staged jointly by the 2 Midlands OAs (EMOA/WMOA).  A single PreO event was staged on Day 1 (29 March) at Loughborough University.

  • For Elite course competitors, there was a 20 control PreO course (with one of these voided).  To provide a tie-brak, there was a very short timed section with 3 A-Z controls.  Competitors were ranked on (1) number correct on the PreO course, then (2) number correct in the timed section, and finally, (3) time taken in the timed section.
  • For Standard course competitors, there was a 15 control PreO course (with one of these voided).  There was no tie break - competitors did not do the timed section.

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Event Officials

  • Planner: Peter Hornsby (LEI)
  • Course Checker: Iain Phillips (LEI)
  • Organiser: Graham Urquhart (OD)

The main JK website can be accessed using this link: JK 2024.

Colin Duckworth at the Elite Control 9.

The 2023 JK was staged by the North Western OA in the southern Lake District.  The TrailO events were:

  • Day 1: Friday 7th April - Combined TrailO - Williamson Park and Univeristy of Cumbria, Lancaster
  • Day 2: Saturday 8th April - PreO event - Rydal Show Field
  • Day 3: Sunday 9th April - PreO Sprint - Great Tower Woods

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Ian Ditchfield and Tom Dobra at the 2023 JK PreO Day 2 event.    

The 2022 JK was staged by the Welsh OA in South Wales.  The TrailO events were:

  • a PreO Sprint at Singleton Park, Swansea,on Friday 19th April, and
  • a full PreO at Brynmawr Tip, near Ebbw Vale, on Saturday 20th April.


Brynmawr Tip (Graham/Liz Urquhart)

There were no JK events in 2020 or 2021 due to the Covid pandemic

The 2019 Event was staged by the South Central OA.  The TrailO events were:

  • a TempO at Aldershot Garrison on Friday 19th April, and
  • a PreO at Mytchett Common on Saturday 20th April.

The two events contributed scores to the 2019 European Cup in TrailO (ECTO) which involved 10 events around Europe.

Some photos, taken by Steve Rush, are available on Flickr albums:


TempO at Aldershot Garrison (Photo: Steve Rush)

PreO at Mytchett Common (Photo: Steve Rush)

The 2018 event was staged by the West Midlands OA.  The TrailO events were:

  • a TempO event at MOD Stafford on Friday 30th March, and
  • a PreO event at Beaudessart, Cannock Chase on Sunday 1st April.