The 2017 British Orienteering TrailO Selection Procedure is as follows:


This document details the 2017 British Orienteering TrailO selection procedure.

2017 events for which competitors to represent British Orienteering are being selected

The event for which competitors to represent British Orienteering are being selected is the World TrailO Championships (WTOC 2017) in Birstonas, Lithuania from 10-15 July 2017.

Number of competitors

Up to 6 competitors (3 in the Paralympic class and 3 in the Open Class) will be selected for the PreO competition, and 4 for the TempO competition. However, in view of the anticipated personal financial contribution likely to be required, the limited number of eligible participants who satisfy the IOF Paralympic criteria, or other reasons, the selectors reserve the right to select fewer competitors than provided for below, if to do so, they would need to select competitors who in the selectors’ sole judgement would be of a standard considerably lower than normal. The selectors may also nominate competitors for the TempO competition who have not been selected for the PreO competition.

Timing of selection announcement

The names of the competitors selected for WTOC 2017 will be announced after JK 2017.


The appointed selectors are Anne Braggins (WAOC) and Dick Keighley (WIM).

Criteria for selection

To be eligible for selection, potential competitors must:

a. be a member of British Orienteering

b. hold a British passport

c. (for Paralympic selection) meet the relevant IOF Paralympic qualification criteria and hold a current paralympic eligibility certificate.


Selection process to be followed

The selectors will follow the following process:

The British Orienteering Trail-O ranking list will be used to determine the first two selected competitors in each class (Paralympic and Open).

Unless there are a significant number of potential competitors who decline selection, the selectors will select the two top-ranked Paralympic eligible competitors for the Paralympic class team, and then the two top-ranked remaining competitors for the Open class team.

The third competitor in each class will be selected using the selectors’ judgement, taking account of the ranking list and the results included within it, other known results (eg at previous WTOCs or ETOCs), the terrain and course lengths anticipated, and possibly other factors as seen fit by the selectors. If someone is selected who is not the obvious next eligible ranked competitor, the selectors will record their reasons for doing so in the confidential minutes of their discussions.


The four GBR entrants for the TempO competition associated with the WTOC 2017 will be nominated by the selectors from amongst those selected for the WTOC 2017 PreO competitions together with any competitors selected only for the TempO competition.


The GBR WTOC relay teams of three in both Open & Para classes will be selected by the Team Manager from those selected to attend WTOC 2017.


Appeals about the selections may be made by any member of British Orienteering using the standard British Orienteering appeal procedure.

The current Ranking List and the Rankings for contributory events are listed at the foot of this section.


TrailO Ranking & Selection - general information

The TrailO Steering Group operates a Ranking List which is used for selection purposes. An explanation of how it works is given below.

Links to the latest Ranking List and the points scored from the individual Ranking Events held up to now this year are to be found at the foot of the text.

1. Who gets ranked?

The Ranking List was originally developed to assist the Selectors make their decisions, so it only contains the names of those trail orienteers eligible for selection for the GBR team. BOF Members (except those from NI) are included in the ranking calculations. Since many/most NI orienteers compete for Ireland rather than GBR they aren't automatically included, but if they declare an interest in selection for GBR only rather than IRL then they can be included from that moment onwards.

2. Which events provide ranking points?

Only events selected in advance by the TrailO Development Steering Group (TSG) are included in the rankings. These will usually be the British Championships, the JK and the Irish Championships. When overseas events are included which take place over more than 1 day, then the results are combined. Only Elite classes earn Ranking Points.

3. How are the points calculated?

The full calculation details are provided in Brian Parker's Technical Note

4. How long do scores stay on the Ranking List?

The Ranking List is basically a rolling 2-year list, so events "fall off" the list on the 1st January following the date the event happened OR when the event is replaced by its 2-year successor. So for instance BTOC 2012 fell off the rankings on the 1st January 2015 (as there wasn't a BTOC 2014 in 2014 itself) whereas BTOC 2013 fell off on the weekend of BTOC 2015.

5. How are the points combined into a ranking?

Only your best X scores are combined. At the given date when rankings are considered for selections, the total number of qualifying events are added up. If there are only 5 events then it is best 3 to count, if it is 6-9 then it is the best 4. 10 and above it is best 5.

6. What is the "Planner's bonus"?

A significant number of the Ranking Events are planned by a subset of the contenders for WTOC and ETOC places. In order to encourage people to plan and control Ranking events, planners and controllers of Ranking events during the qualifying period, who therefore do not have enough qualifying results, will have the ranking points from their lowest results doubled up. Those who have planned/controlled (or otherwise given up on a competitive run to enable an event to take place) are allowed to double up their 3rd score (if best 4 to count) or 4th score (if best 5 to count). If it is best 3 to count then the 2nd score is only doubled if the competitor does not have the requisite 3 events.

7. How are the Ranking points used for selection?

You would have to check the Selection Policy for that year's major events, but traditionally it has been that the top two Para are selected for Para and then the top two Open for Open. Other places (GBR can take 3 in each category for WTOC and 6 for ETOC) are at the discretion of the Selectors.

8. How about the TempO Team?

Currently the Open TempO team is selected from within the PreO team (both Open and Para) although that may change in future years. Selection is made by either the Team Manager or the Selectors if sufficient form is known in advance. It may be that in the future, we might wish to select specialists who only compete in the TempO discipline or that the third member selected for the PreO Open class is a TempO specialist.

9. How about the Team event?

Traditionally 2 Open + 1 Para are selected for the team at WTOC and 2 such teams for ETOC. These are usually selected by the Team Manager based on all known form (usually after Day 1 of the event itself). IOF proposes that 2015 is the last year for the team event, after which it will be replaced by the Relay, which will require further discussion once the final format for the Relay is agreed.

10. How is selection for ETOC different from WTOC?

ETOC is 6 Open and theoretically 6 Para competitors, (but since the Para qualification criteria changed we have never had sufficient numbers to fill the entire Para team numbers).

The selection procedure for ETOC is:-

Top 2 on Ranking List plus up to a further 4 at discretion of Selectors in both Open and Paralympic classes.

Unfortunately the TrailO budget for international competition is insufficient to support a full team of 12 (It usually just about covers the entry and accreditation fees for 5 or 6 competitors plus possibly accreditation for the Team Manager) so funding for entry fees and accreditation has to be limited to the top 2 on the Ranking list plus one of the Selectors’ picks.

Up to a further 3O + 3P can also be selected on an entirely self-funding basis. Any other team members have to be entirely self-funded. This may apply to everyone if future funding is cut.

11. Who appoints the Team Manager?

The TrailO Development Steering Group.

12. Who appoints the Selectors?

The TrailO Development Steering Group. The Selectors are usually the Team Manager and either the Board Director responsible for TrailO or the Chair of the Steering Group.

TrailO Rankings May 2017

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