British TrailO Open Champion 2022: Anne Straube OD

The British Trail Orienteering Championships were held on 27th March over a challenging course in contour-detailed forest at Hogsmoor Inclosure, Hampshire. The British Open Champion, for a record-equalling third time, is Anne Straube, OD, one of two to record a fully-correct score of 20 points. She also made no mistake at the timed controls, whereas second-placed John Kewley MDOC made one mistake there and that cost him the win. Third in the Open class was Nick Barrable SYO, the fastest at the timed control with 19 points on the course.

All the gold medals went to members of Octavian Droobers! The P (Physically Challenged) class was won by Graham Urquhart, and the Junior class gold medal went to Max Straube-Roth.

Full results, maps, solutions, comments and photos can be found here.

O class

1. Anne Straube OD  20 points + 27 secs.

2. John Kewley MDOC  20 + 79

3. Nick Barrable SYO  19 + 23

P class

1. Graham Urquhart OD  16 + 29

2. Dick Keighley WIM  15 + 78

3. Peter Roberts EBOR  14 + 40

Junior class

1. Max Straube-Roth OD  14 + 90