British TrailO Championships 2019

BTOC 2019 was held in Scarborough on Monday 26 August. There were 35 competitors in the Elite class. The 2019 British Champion is Tom Dobra BOK, the Junior Champion is River Edis-Smith MDOC and the Para Champion is Colin Duckworth TVOC. Silver and bronze medallists are Anne Straube OD and John Kewley MDOC respectively.

The Elite course of 20 controls, plus 1 timed control station with two tasks, was set in Scarborough South Cliff Gardens, a complex maze of paths and gardens/forest, some of the gardens ornamental, on in places steeply sloping ground. One control was voided - E7, a long-distance siting to two flags on the sea-edge wall - because of inconsistent siting lines from different viewpoints. 

Thanks go to Peter and Christine Roberts EBOR (organisers/planners) together with helpers from EBOR and a number of other clubs around the UK. Clive Allen SN was Controller, and David Horn EBOR assistant Controller and Controller on the day, ably assisted for jury purposes by Steve Whitehead EBOR.

Leading results:

1. Tom Dobra BOK  19 points + 74 seconds

2. Anne Straube OD  18 + 97

3. John Kewley MDOC  17 + 31

4. Kieran Marsh EBOR  17 + 39

5. Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC  17 + 74

6. River Edis-Smith MDOC  17 + 78

Winners of the Standard class are Daniel Figg EBOR and Edward Stott SLOW, both with 12 out of 15 points.