British TrailO Championships 2018

BTOC 2018 was held at Crathes Castle, Royal Deeside, Scotland, just after the British Relay Championships being held up the road. There were 37 competitors in the Elite class, and the 2018 British Champion is Charles Bromley Gardner.

4 controls were declared void, making the maximum points total 16 in all.

The leading results are:

1. Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC  15 points plus 18 seconds at timed controls

2. Tom Dobra UBOC  15 + 83

3. Nick Barrable SYO  14 + 28

4. John Kewley MDOC  14 + 87

5. Duncan Harris DEE  14 + 97

6. Sarah-Jane Barrable SLOW  13 + 83

Elite Paralympic Champion is John Crosby NATO.

Elite Junior Champion is Max Straube-Roth OD.

Unofficial Scottish TrailO Champion is Helen Rowlands GRAMP.

Winners of the A class were the Howell family and Alan Macgregor GRAMP, both scoring 10 points.


Huge thanks go to Organiser and Planner Anne Hickling and her team of helpers from GRAMP.