Supporting Members

On behalf of the sport and our members, British Orienteering will provide:

General Support:

  • Ensure an effective Governance structure is in place
  • Work with Sports Councils to secure funding
  • Create policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of competitors
  • Create policies and procedures to keep children and vulnerable adults safe
  • Provide information and advice to members, clubs, non-members and external organisations
  • Communicate to our members through Focus magazine and the website
  • Raise the national profile of orienteering
  • Provide advice and support to members, Clubs and Associations

We will deliver our Service Charter

In pursuit of our VISION for …

More People:

  • Aim to increase the number of participants
  • Aim to increase the number of opportunities available to learn and participate in orienteering
  • Increase the number of schools teaching orienteering
  • Support clubs in making orienteering welcoming and inclusive to all
  • Support clubs in promoting orienteering locally
  • Support the development of club links with local authorities
  • Provide volunteers with training and support
  • Provide coaches with training and support

More Places:

  • Work with national landowners such as the Forestry Commission to secure land access
  • Work with Clubs and Associations to stage national and international events
  • Support clubs in offering local participation opportunities which are accessible
  • Provide club event officials and mappers with training and support
  • Provide a clear participation pathway and national competition framework
  • Provide guidance to event organisers on environmental best practice

 More Podiums:

  • Focus on the development and acceleration of talented athletes
  • Deliver well-defined, appropriate talent support systems resulting in more talented performers moving on to elite programmes and success
  • Provide training opportunities for coaches who work with the talent squads
  • Provide medical support for talented athletes
  • Support elite athletes at international competitions 

If you want to found out more please email the National Office.