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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
23 Nov 2014 WMOA WRE Level C WRE Colour Coded & WMOA League 10 Nesscliffe Country Park Results
23 Nov 2014 SWOA BOK Level C BOK Galoppen & ASO League Moseley Green Results
23 Nov 2014 SOA RR Level C ESOA Champs and SoSOL The Hirsel Results
23 Nov 2014 EAOA NOR Level C NOR Colour Coded and EAL Shouldham Warren Results
23 Nov 2014 SOA MAROC Level C MAROC Shooting Greens Shooting Greens Results
22 Nov 2014 EAOA SOS Level C SOS Colchester Urban Event Colchester Results
22 Nov 2014 SEOA SO Level D SO SOG A6 Slindon Woods, Fontwell Slindon Woods Results
22 Nov 2014 SCOA TVOC Level D TVOC Saturday Series Big Wood Big Wood Results
22 Nov 2014 NWOA SROC Level D SROC night event Williamson Park Results
22 Nov 2014 SOA SOLWAY Level D Solway - Autumn Series Cally Woods Results
16 Nov 2014 SWOA KERNO Level C Craddock Moor - Forest League 3 Craddock Moor Results
16 Nov 2014 SOA BASOC Level C Scottish Score Championships Achlean Results
16 Nov 2014 SCOA BADO Level C BADO Level C and SCOA League Event Pamber Forest Results
16 Nov 2014 SEOA SAX Level C SAX District Event Hindleap Results
16 Nov 2014 EAOA SMOC Level C Holcote & Reynolds Wood Colour Coded Holcote & Reynolds Wood Results
16 Nov 2014 EMOA DVO Level C DVO Oakwood EM Urban League Oakwood Results
15 Nov 2014 YHOA AIRE Level C YHOA Night League Adel Woods Results
15 Nov 2014 SCOA BADO Level C Southern Night Championships Silchester Common Results
15 Nov 2014 SOA MOR Level D MOR Saturday & Schools League - Aldroughty Aldroughty Results
15 Nov 2014 SEOA SO Level C SO [level C] SOG A5 Cowdray Forest, between Balcombe & Crawley Cowdray Forest Results
15 Nov 2014 EMOA NOC Level D NOC Night Event Rushcliffe Country Park Results
9 Nov 2014 SEOA HAVOC Level C HAVOC Langdon Hills Colour Coded Langdon Hills Results
9 Nov 2014 EMOA LEI Level C East Midland Urban League - Loughborough Loughborough University Results
9 Nov 2014 SWOA QO Level D Quantock Orienteers Forest League 2 Aisholt Common and Cockercombe Results
9 Nov 2014 SOA CLYDE Level C Clyde SoSOL Croy Hill - including Scottish Student Individual Champioships Croy Hill Results