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Impact: Berkshire Orienteers and Beat the Streets

Written by John Methven, Berkshire Orienteers.

Berkshire Orienteers had the opportunity to collaborate with Beat the Street in the West Reading area for 6 weeks during September and October this year. More than 6,500 players took part covering nearly 80,000 miles between them. 

Berkshire Orienteers worked with Beat The Street to provide a free MapRun activity in Prospect Park Reading towards the end of the six weeks. In addition, Berkshire Orienteers have provided a legacy MapRun score style event using the former Beat Box locations to encourage participants to continue their active journey. 

What impact did Beat the Street have on Berkshire Orienteers? 

Beat the Street has offered a fantastic opportunity to bring people, especially families, from the West Reading area into orienteering as an outdoor activity and hopefully as a sport if they get into it and start joining local and regional events. The Beat the Street game and orienteering have a lot in common: visiting control sites by using a map to find them and also visiting the sites in the shortest time possible. It was brilliant to link Beat the Street with the British Orienteering Find Your Way project which has similar aims nationally to encourage people (especially living in urban areas) to take up outdoor activities. 

Our courses on Prospect Park have taken the activity off the streets and into the fields and woods of the park. This is a stepping stone towards orienteering in the many forests surrounding Reading and also into wilder areas.   

Images below: Participants get stuck into the orienteering activity made available by Berkshire Orienteers who worked in collaboration with Beat the Street/Intelligent Health. They were encouraged to take a selfie and take part in the MapRun competition where they could win a £25 voucher. 

How did collaborating together with Beat the Street and Intelligent Health go? 

Chloe and Jenny were really helpful and had lots of excellent ideas on how we could work together. Also, it is exciting following the celebration event at the end of the Beat the Street - Reading West game to use our virtual orienteering courses as a way to continue the legacy of the BTS game for the next 6 months and beyond. We are creating a new virtual orienteering course where there are 60 controls matching the former Beat Box locations. People will be able to compete via the MapRun app in visiting as many of these controls as they can in an hour – their time will be uploaded to a leader board of results, hopefully promoting many attempts from the BTS participants. 

More information about Beat the Street is available online

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British Orienteering - Feedback on draft Rules 2024

British Orienteering via the Rules Group is inviting feedback from members on the orienteering rules it has drafted for 2024.

  • Group was reconstituted during the year and has adopted a policy of annual review to supplement arising issues, This years theme has been "maintenance" so although the eagle eyed will find many wording changes these are essentially clarifications, removal of duplication/ redundant practices, and movement of clauses/ groups of clauses to places where the context is more appropriate rather than a change of intent So in general a Rule "Spring Cleaning " with the aim of being easier to use.

Please note, as a result there has been a significant change in the order and in the numbering of individual clauses – too many to be able to sensibly mark up.

  • The draft rules are available here.

The key change is that the historical anomaly that Men's and Women's classes had different winning times is addressed. This is in line with the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) policy to equalise men’s and women’s winning times for all age classes and the results of this Summer's well supported consultation - a big thank you to all that contributed.

There are New Courses tables for Long Distance but not Middle and Sprint which were already "done"

The consultation is open until 12 December, 2023 and responses can be emailed to"


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The World Anti-Doping Agency releases the 2024 Prohibited List with the inclusion of tramadol

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published its 2024 Prohibited List. The
Prohibited List designates the substances and methods that are prohibited in sport.

Following an extensive consultation period by WADA, the 2024 Prohibited List was published on 27 September 2023. This gives athletes and support personnel sufficient time to make themselves aware of the changes, review any medications they use on Global DRO, and apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) if required before the updated List comes into effect on 1 January 2024.
Included on the 2024 List is the substance tramadol which will be banned in-
competition from 1 January 2024. Tramadol is an opioid analgesic and is classified as
a prescription only medicine in the UK. Tramadol misuse is of concern because of the
risks of physical dependence, opiate addiction, and overdose. It has led to it being a
controlled drug in many countries. If you are concerned about tramadol misuse, please
reach out to British Orienteering or speak to your doctor prior to the change in status on the
2024 Prohibited List.
Please visit UK Anti-Doping's website here to read a full summary of the changes on
the 2024 List. 
The following resources are also available to read on WADA’s website:
The full 2024 Prohibited List  
The WADA 2024 Summary of Major Modifications and Explanatory Notes
The 2024 Monitoring Program which includes substances not currently on the
List but are being monitored by WADA for potential patterns of misuse in sport.


If you have any questions on the Prohibited List or a medication you may be using, please contact

You can also receive further information from our dedicated Anti-Doping Lead,

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Membership renewals for 2024 are now live

We are delighted to announce that membership renewals for 2024 are now live!

Thank you to all our members who have helped the sport of orienteering thrive over the past year. Without you and the clubs, alongside the army of volunteers who help make our events happen, we wouldn’t be able to continue to operate – and we very much appreciate all of your support.

Members that have not set up a direct debit with us are now invited to login to their account via the British Orienteering website and renew their membership with us. For those who have set up a direct debit, no action will be required as your membership will automatically be renewed in 2024.

British Orienteering Annual Memberships costs 2024

Earlier this month, we were delighted to announce two developments to our membership structure. A new Young Adult membership grade has been introduced and families can now benefit from our new family membership offer. Below is a breakdown of membership costs for 2024:

(any member aged 26 or older at the end of the membership year)

Young Adult 
(any member aged 21–25 at the end of the membership year)

(any member aged 20 or younger at the end of the membership year)
Family membership offer
(for a maximum of 2 seniors and 1 or more juniors)

Please note that the above prices do not include any additional club and associations costs.

How to renew your membership


The easiest way to renew your membership is online. Simply sign into your account where you will see a box displayed to the left hand of the screen stating that your membership has “lapsed”. Click renew and you will taken through the stages to secure your payment.

If you have forgotten your login details, please click on the 'forgotten login' button on the homepage. To ensure that you keep your current membership number and to avoid having to re-enter all your membership and contact details again, please ensure you log in rather than joining as a new member.

Please note that no additional payment for 2024 membership will be taken until January 2024 and your current membership will run as normal until 31 December 2023.

For alternative ways to renew your membership please visit this link

Image credit: Rob Lines. 


Renewals are live!