British Orienteering

Our new website is!

5 June 2024

We are today, delighted to launch the new design of the British Orienteering website. 

In line with our strategic plan to drive newcomers to the sport we have made our navigation more welcoming and user-friendly, but still kept our members at the heart of our updates by:

  • Including more accessible links to the pages that our analytics state members are accessing (E.g. Results, Rankings and Rules).
  • Made the 'join us' page more informative and welcoming to encourage newcomers to the sport to secure their membership
  • Introduced our new Club and Membership Toolkit, where members will find information on Club Development, ways to promote your club, and links to ready-to-use and modifiable templates within our new Digital Content Hub
  • Added an image gallery, complete with over 200 images, ready for you to download and use across your own club's marketing and promotion. Note that we have specifically kept these images with minimal club kit to help you attract prospective newcomers to the sport. The gallery will be updated as and when we receive new images and we want to say a huge thank you to our contributing photographers - Wendy Carlyle, Rob Lines and finally Neil Harrison who was commissioned to create a bank of rights-free images that are included in the gallery. 
  • Added a new shop front so that you can get the latest orienteering equipment and more from our partners
  • Redesigned how we present our content to make it more user-friendly and accessible for you to navigate to where you need around the site.  
  • We have tidied up the members menu slightly, but kept much of it the same replacing only the 'Club Zone' with the new 'Club and Membership Toolkit'. The drop down menus for Safeguarding & Safety, British Orienteering Clubs, British Orienteering (including key documents) and Access the Environment now sit within the member zone

How to navigate your way around the new site

Watch our video which gives you a more in-depth look around how to navigate around the new site. 

Members, please visit the pages within the new Digital Content Hub where you will find a guide on how to modify templates within the new Digital Content Hub. 

Please browse through the new site, explore all the new features and new resources available, to promote our sport and inspire future generations to get involved!