European TrailO Championships postponed

ETOC has been postponed to July 14-18. In view of the continuing uncertainty, a final decision will be made no later than 31st May on whether these dates will hold, or the event postponed until next year or cancelled altogether. There is a full statement on www.orienteering.sport and further comment in the Facebook group 'Bearing towards the C-Flag'. 

All international events are cancelled until at least 31st May. The fixtures calendar on ths minisite will not be altered until definitive information is available about any particular event. 


Selections for the European TrailO Championships

The athletes to compete in the European TrailO Championships to be held from 20-24 May 2020 in Finland have now been selected. Selections are for both the TempO and the PreO Open class competitions unless stated otherwise. The relay teams will be chosen at a later date from all those selected, who are:

Nick Barrable SYO, Ian Ditchfield MV, Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC, Peter Huzan SLOW, John Kewley MDOC, Iain Phillips LEI, Colin Duckworth TVOC (PreO Physically Challenged class only), David Jukes BKO (TempO only), Richard Keighley WIM (PreO Physically Challenged class only) and Graham Urquhart OD (TempO only). The Team Manager is Liz Urquhart OD.


Nick Barrable and John Kewley win at Thorncombe

A windy day at Thorncombe Woods in Dorset for the TrailO staged by Dick Keighley and Wimborne Orienteers, but this did not deter the competitors on high-quality TempO and PreO courses. John Kewley enjoyed an emphatic victory on the TempO course, making just 4 mistakes on the 30-task course, beating second-placed Christine Roberts by a big margin. Nick Barrable was the only competitor to achieve a clean sweep - all controls correct - on the PreO course, where Ian Ditchfield was second, who along with Iain Phillips got one control wrong. Full results and the courses and solutions can be found here


2020 British TrailO Championships cancelled

The British TrailO Championships, due to be held in conjunction with the British Orienteering Championships (BOC) on 21st March, have been cancelled. The BOC Coordinators, Helen Errington and Andrew Evans, state that the cancellation is due to "a number of unforeseen problems". Full refunds will be made by Fabian4 to everyone who has entered. Every effort will be made to find an alternative date and venue for the Championships later in the year.

This event will no longer form part of the selection process for the GBR teams to take part in the European and World TrailO Championships. The selection process remains otherwise unchanged.


New British TrailO League

The brand new British TrailO League (BriTOL) kicks off at the end of this month. It is a series of competitions across the UK aiming to boost interest and numbers in TrailO. You will need a British Orienteering number to score in the league, but you can still win individual competitions without one (except the British Championships). Entries are now open for the first four rounds:

1 & 2: 29/2/20, Thorncombe Wood, Dorchester, TempO & PreO

3 & 4: 10-11/4/20, JK, North Yorkshire, TempO & PreO

Full details of BriTOL including the rules and scoring system can be found at




TrailO Selection in 2020

A new version of the TrailO Selection Procedure for 2020, taking account of rules changes agreed by IOF last weekend, can be found here


Changes to International TrailO Rules

The new 2020 edition of the IOF TrailO Rules include changes to the number of competitors per nation enabled to compete in the World TrailO Championships, and replacement of the term 'para' by 'physically challenged'.


TrailO in 2020

There will be TempO and PreO at the JK - see the JK website for details. Dates have been announced for a range of events in Europe next year, many being ECTO and World Ranking events. See the Calendar page for more information.