British TrailO Championships 2019

BTOC 2019 will not be held on the May Day holiday weekend, in conjunction with the British Championships weekend in Yorkshire, as was being planned for, as a suitable area reasonably close to one of the FootO events cannot be found, and other issues could lead to the event being held under difficult conditions.

It has been decided instead to stage BTOC in conjunction with the White Rose Weekend, 24-26 August in Scarborough. Further details in due course. 

A statement by the BOF TrailO Group Chairman Dick Keighley has been posted on the British Trail Orienteering Facebook page. 


Tom Dobra heads 2018 Rankings

The final PreO Rankings for 2018 have now been published and can be found in the TrailO Ranking and Selection section, together with the individual points scores for the two Days of the Nordic Match and the ECTO event in the Czech Republic. 

Tom Dobra UBOC leads the rankings with a score of 97.77. Competition for second place has been very close, with Nick Barrable SYO (score 96.17) a hairsbreadth in front of John Kewley MDOC (96.13). In fourth place is Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC (90.87).

Ranking events for 2019 will be decided when the fixture list becomes more detailed. It now includes the JK (Farnborough area) TempO and PreO, and the European Cup (ECTO) events announced for 2019. It is hoped that information about the 2019 British TrailO Championships will be available before too long. 



Nick Barrable best Brit in Nordic Match

Thirteen Brits travelled over to Denmark last weekend to take part in the Nordic Match, two days of PreO in the forests around Silkeborg in Jutland. The event attracted 104 elite competitors from 10 countries, and was part of the unofficial European Cup series ECTO. 

Best of the British contingent over the two days was Nick Barrable in 19th place, closely followed by John Kewley (22nd) and Tom Dobra (29th). Next three were Sarah-Jane Barrable (42nd), Ian Ditchfield (50th) and Charles Bromley Gardner (69th). Winner of the event was the Italian Remo Madella, who dropped just one point from the 44 controls. Erik Stålnacke, Sweden was second and Sigurd Dæhli, Norway, third. Finland 1 won the team competition, narrowly ahead of Sweden-Yellow and Italy.

Full results can be found on www.preoresultat.se.