European TrailO Championships selections

Those selected for ETOC in Bratislava, Slovakia, 27 April – 4 May are:

Open PreO: Charles Bromley Gardner, Ian Ditchfield, Tom Dobra, Peter Huzan, John Kewley and Iain Phillips

Para PreO: Dick Keighley and Peter Roberts

Open Relay: Two teams to be selected from all named above

Open TempO: Charles Bromley Gardener, Ian Ditchfield, Tom Dobra, Peter Huzan, Dick Keighley, John Kewley, Iain Phillips and Peter Roberts

The Team Manager will be Charles Bromley Gardner.



John Kewley's WTOC grant

JK was successful in getting financial support from the Civil Service Sports organisation CSSC towards his costs in attending WTOC in Lithuania last year. See the link 


British TrailO Championships 2018

These will be held at Crathes Castle, Banchory, Royal Deeside on Sunday 20th May, organised by Anne Hickling. Further information shortly on the British Championships website. This will be the second time that the Championships are held there - the first time was the second-ever BTOC in 1993, won by Karen Darke.


Calendar and other updates

The Fixtures Calendar has today been updated with all this year's World Ranking Events, with links to the latest information. Links connected with the file on organising major TrailO events in the UK have been installed, and an update to the BTOC Honours Board has been made.


Selection for World and European Championships teams for 2018

Documents giving full information on the British Orienteering Selection Policy for TrailO, both in overview and specific to 2018, have been published and can be linked to on the Ranking and Selection page. Note that selections for ETOC will be made in January 2018. 


Steering Group meeting

A meeting of the BO TrailO Development Steering Group was held in Birmingham in mid-November. Six members and three visitors were present.

The current UK ranking process and its use for selection purposes was one of the main topics for discussion. It was agreed that the PreO UK ranking would continue as at present, but using a revised event inclusion rule:

  • Events to be included in the ranking will be nominated and published for each year, with no more than 50% being outside the UK
  • Multi-day events are counted as separate events for ranking
  • Only events that have more than 8 UK ranking competitors will be considered to have taken place from a ranking perspective
  • Competitors ranking will be based on their best 4 events out of the last 8 nominated events that took place
  • Existing rules to create an allowance for an event, where the competitor is prevented from competing by their role in running the event, will continue to operate
  • Rankings will include all BO members and not be limited to those eligible to represent the UK in ETOC or WTOC

A UK TempO ranking will not be introduced at present as there are not enough events to make a meaningful list.

Ranking PreO events for 2018 will include the JK PreO event (1st April) and the British TrailO Championships (Royal Deeside, 19th May). At least one of the following events:

  • the European Cup event in Denmark (Nordic Match, 21-23 September)
  • the European Cup event in the Czech Republic (6-7 October)
  • a pre-WTOC event in Portugal, if organised

and any ranking-standard UK events added to the fixture list later in the year, will also be included.

There was extensive discussion on selection policy, and in the light of this and subsequent inputs, the Selection Policy covering World and European Championships team selections is being re-written. It was agreed that the selectors should comprise an independent member who is a BO Board member or nominee, and two members who are TrailO-aware but are neither candidate athletes nor team managers. For 2018, the two latter will be Clive Allen (SN) and Wilbert Hollinger (LVO).


Amongst other matters, suggestions were put forward for increasing TrailO activity in the UK, information was shared about technical developments, and it was decided that available funding for athletes and team managers will be shared evenly amongst all nominated attendees.

This was the last meeting for Anne Braggins as a member of the Group, at the end of 28 years of active support for TrailO in both BO and IOF, in every possible capacity. The Group extended thanks to Anne for all her contributions to TrailO over the years. 

The official minutes of the meeting will shortly be posted in the Governance section of the BO website.