Event Calendar updated (again, again)

The Event calendar has been updated with all known details and links for European events this autumn. This year's Nordic Match, scheduled for Norway, has been postponed to a similar date in 2021.

There are 5 venues in the reorganised European Cup in TrailO (ECTO), to be held in October and November with 2 competitions at each venue - see the Calendar. The best 5 competition results will count in an individual's placing in the final table.


New British TrailO League

The brand new British TrailO League (BriTOL) is a series of competitions across the UK aiming to boost interest and numbers in TrailO. You will need a British Orienteering number to score in the league, but you can still win individual competitions without one (except the British Championships).

Full details of BriTOL including the rules and scoring system can be found at