British team selections for World TrailO Championships

The following have been selected to represent Great Britain at WTOC in Latvia in August:


Open class: Nick Barrable, Tom Dobra, John Kewley

Paralympic class: Dick Keighley, Peter Roberts


Nick Barrable, Ian Ditchfield, Tom Dobra, John Kewley

The Relay team will be selected from all of the above by the Team Manager, Liz Urquhart, at the event.


Charles Bromley Gardner is new British Champion

Winner of the Elite class at BTOC was Charles Bromley Gardner BAOC. Leading results are given on the British Championships page. 


ETOC bronze for Relay team!

Charles Bromley Gardner, Tom Dobra and John Kewley came home with bronze medals from the European TrailO Championships Relay, where they distinguished themselves in all having a completely correct score on the PreO course, the only nation other than the winners Finland to do so. In the TempO section of the Relay, the team was just one correct answer short of silver medal position and finished quite close behind Sweden. This fantastic result was way ahead of expectations and was much celebrated afterwards. The second GBR team ended 20th with some good performances too, especially in the TempO part.

John Kewley took his good relay form forward to the next day’s TempO competition where he was the only Brit through to the Final, in which he finished a very creditable 18th. Next-best in the qualification heats were Ian Ditchfield and Tom Dobra.

Tom Dobra was the best in the team in the 2-day PreO, ending 35th in the Open class. On Day 2 he got a completely correct score – but so did 23 others, and a mistake at the second timed control put him into 15th place on the day. Peter Roberts was 31st in the Paralympic competition, 2 places ahead of Dick Keighley.  


New timed-control map software

Tom Dobra UBOC has developed a piece of software for creating timed-control maps in the correct format and size etc. It is an ongoing development so it will be updated periodically. The software is available for download from https://tdobra.github.io/tctemplate/ .