TrailO at the White Rose Weekend

50 competitors took part in the TrailO at the White Rose, on a course planned by Peter and Christine Roberts. Winner was John Nuttall of SELOC. Full results can be found here.


World TrailO Championships (WTOC)

The British team at WTOC encountered a varied mix of course quality, organisational standard and weather conditions at WTOC in Lithuania. No medal-winning performances resulted, but Charles Bromley Gardner's 10th place in the 2-day PreO is highly commendable, and so is Tom Dobra's first place in the PreO public competition, which used the same courses as WTOC. 

Full results can be found on the WTOC website www.wtoc2017.lt, and comment can be found on the British Trail Orienteering Facebook page and elsewhere.


Threshfield Challenge results

Results from the Threshfield Challenge, held over the two days 3-4 June, plus Planner's comments can be found by clicking on the links below.

Results Day 1 Elite

Results Day 1 Standard

Results Day 2 Elite

Results Day 2 Standard

Results Combined Days 1 & 2

Planner's comments


New Rankings Lists posted

Following the British TrailO Championships at YMCA Lakeside, won by Tom Dobra, the ranking points from that event and a new overall Rankings List have now been published. See the Rankings and Selection page, bottom section (links).