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The 2015 Junior World Orienteering Championships got underway today with the sprint event and GBR have plenty to celebrate!
Major Event Officials Conference will be held on Saturday 5th September 2015
Remember to register for the Open Forum and the Course Setting Seminar.
Wednesday 1st July
UK Elite Orienteering League
In its first year in the new format, the UK Elite Orienteering League has been a great success.
Monday 29th June
Harvester Relays 2015
Harvester overnight relays see close competition at Rushmore.
A great atmosphere at the last GB squad training camp before WOC 2015.
Monday 29th June
WTOC 2015
At the WTOC 2015 meeting in Zagreb, after two days of PreO competition, Ian Ditchfield (MV) was the highest placed GB competitor in 20th place
Sunday 28th June
EYOC 2015 Sprint
The story that is remembered from the 2015 EYOC will ...
Saturday 27th June
EYOC Relays
Today the athletes took part in the relay stage of the 2015 EYOC.
Day 1 for the GB juniors

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World Orienteering Championships
Inverness, Scotland
31 July - 7 August 2015
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See the best in the world – and take part in a festival of orienteering.
Let the World Orienteering Championships begin!

Welcome to British Orienteering

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban parks and school playgrounds.  It's a great sport for runners, joggers and walkers who want to improve their navigation skills or for anyone who loves the outdoors. Orienteering - The adventure sport for all. Read More

Top results for GBR at Junior World Orienteering Championships


The British team arrived in Rauland, Norway, for the 2015 Junior World Orienteering Championships on Thursday and spent two days training on the model areas in excellent weather with stunning views.


The following athletes are competing for Great Britain:


Fiona Bunn (Sprint, Middle, Relay)

Megan Carter-Davies (Sprint, Long, Relay)

Hannah Cox (Sprint, Relay)

Julie Emmerson (Middle, Long, Relay)

Sarah Jones (Sprint, Middle, Relay)

Helen Ockenden (Middle, Long, Relay)


Dane Blomquist (Sprint, Long, Relay)

Alexander Chepelin (Middle, Long, Relay)

Matthew Elkington (Sprint, Middle, Relay)

Chris Galloway (Sprint, Long, Relay)

Will Rigg (Middle, Long, Relay)

Aidan Smith (Sprint, Middle, Long, Relay)


Racing got underway today with the Sprint race in Åmot. The athletes were faced with challenging route choices from the very start. The longer route choice legs proved critical for the overall results.


Aidan Smith took Britain’s top result finishing in 7th place, 37 seconds behind Tim Robertson of New Zealand who won the sprint for the 2nd year running. Dane Blomquist made an excellent debut finishing in =23rd place. Matthew Elkington finished in =66th place in his JWOC debut and Chris Galloway struggled with sickness to finish in 92nd.


Megan Carter-Davies was best of a strong women's team taking a fantastic =17th place. Fiona Bunn finished in =34th, Hannah Cox in =44th, and Sarah Jones in 49th. An excellent set of results as all four of them were making their JWOC debuts. The girls’ race was won by Simona Aebersold of Switzerland.


These strong team results leave GBR in 7th place for the men and 5th place for the women in the team competition after one race.




Results summary:


1st – Tim Robertson, NZL, 14:31
2nd – Aleksi Niemi, FIN, +0:03
3rd – Algirdas Bartkevicius, LTU, +0:26
7th – Aidan Smith, GBR, +0:37
23rd – Dane Blomquist, GBR, +1:15
66th – Matthew Elington, GBR, +2:30
92nd – Chris Galloway, GBR, + 3:16

1st – Simona Aebersold, SUI,  13:56
2nd – Heidi Martensson, NOR, +0:10
3rd – Karoliina Ukskoski, FIN, +0:34
17th – Megan Carter-Davies, GBR, +1:45
34th – Fiona Bunn, GBR, +2:30
44th – Hannah Cox, GBR, +2:46
49th – Sarah Jones, GBR, +2:51

Full results can be found on the JWOC website,


The next race is the Middle qualifier tomorrow. The starting order for Great Britain is as follows (times shown in CET, BST +1):


11:39 – Fiona Bunn
12:01 – Sarah Jones
12:06 – Alexander Chepelin
12:51 – Julie Emmerson
12:52 – Will Rigg
12:57 – Helen Ockenden
13:20 – Aidan Smith
13:26 – Matthew Elkington



Good luck to the team, may they continue to perform well!


(Photo - Hannah Cox happy after being first starter, finisher, and race leader in the JWOC sprint)


Harvester Relays 2015

This weekend the Harvester Relays were held at Rushmore in the South of England organised by the clubs from Wimbourne (WIM) and Wessex (WSX).

There was some exciting racing with the winners in both the A and B races being won or lost on the final legs.

Trophy Winners

A Relay

B Relay

Harvester Trophy (Men's Premier)

FVO Flyers – FVO

Panasonic Trophy (Women's Premier)

SO Girly - SO

Handicap Trophy

So Young and So Old - SYO

Devilla Trophy

Scared of the dark - BOK

Sutton Park Trophy


Star Posts Trophy

SNow Queens - SN


Happy Harvester Trophy

Farming Community - DEVON

Results published :

Event photos

Item posted by Martin Ward.

EYOC 2015 Sprint

The story that is remembered from the 2015 EYOC will surely be the three gold medals for Tereza janosikovo of the Czech Republic-to add to her silver from last year. In the W16 sprint today she imposed her ability and fitness on the rest of the field to win the 1.7km course by a margin of 34 seconds. In true sprint style only 11 seconds separated the next 5 runners.

Today’s terrain was a complex area of mainly old style tower block apartments with enclosed public gardens and play areas in between. There were many small walkways around and in between the blocks and several hedges and fences-some crossable some not. There was very little traffic with the one significant road crossing manned by local police. Around or zig-zag seemed to be the main route choice considerations. The final controls were placed in a sloping semi open park area before entering the finish arena on a sports field.

Our hopes were high for Harrison McCartney who elected to go in the first block and was the first M18 starter. He would have been the first finisher but for a lapse to the final control that cost him at least 20 seconds and a potential place in the top ten. He finished in 26th with a time of 12.51. The race was won by Olli Ojanaho if Finland in 11.49, a winning margin of 8 seconds. Best GB male was Alex Carcus who just pipped Harrison by 2 places and 4 seconds. Tam Wilson continued his good first international event with a solid 57th place, followed by Andrew Barr in 65th-out of a total of 108 starters.

Pippa Dakin led the female team and was pleased with her time of 11.53, in 40th place and some 1 minute 46 seconds down on the winner (Valerie Aebischer of Switzerland). Switzerland achieved a second win in the M16 class with Nicola Muller winning by 22 seconds. Next placed GB female was Jenny Rickets who shook off her ankle injury to finish 48th, followed by Alice Rigby in 60th and Fay Walsh in 83rd.

Item posted by Mike Hamilton

EYOC Relays

Today the athletes took part in the relay stage of the 2015 EYOC. The terrain and weather were a contrast to yesterday’s visible but runnable forest and the sun shone. The area was a contrast of very fast and open grassland and meadow - albeit very wet in places. According to the commentary runners were advised that a gully would be a stream, a marsh a lake, and a pond a sea! Maybe this was a bit of an exaggeration but there was an element of truth. Other potential hazards were dogs and buffalo - none of the former to report but certainly 4 or 5 buffalo wallowing in one very wet marsh after the end of the race.

The fast open was broken by many light and dark green mapped patches of vegetation, in which several controls were placed. In many such places the going was broken by fallen branches and thorn bushes. Many small vegetation patches were also mapped. All in all it was a technically challenging area and very easy to loose contact with the map in the heat of the pack of a relay.

The M18 team managed to beat their ranking position of 12th by generally steady performances broken by a few errors in the technical challenge of switching from fast and furious to very detailed map contact in the green. Andrew Barr came back in 14th place after leg 1, Tam Wilson gained 4 places to come back in 10th and this was the finishing position maintained by Harrison McCartney.

The W18s fared less well after Pippa Dakin lost contact early on and came back in 24th, this was maintained by Fay Walsh and Alice Rigby had a good run to place the team 21st overall.

Tomorrow is sprint day - which is very close to the team hotel. The full team hopes to be running, with Jenny Ricketts having taken today to attempt to recover from her ankle injury and Alex Carcus having a steady run in a mixed team.

Item posted by Mike Hamilton

European Youth Orienteering Championships

In fairly appalling conditions 470 athletes from 32 European countries competed today at the long distance race of the 2015 EYOC. The race was held in the forest of Faget, some 10 kilometres south west of Cluj, Romania.

Arriving at quarantine they were met with gloom so dark that some commented that they may need head torches. Once under shelter they had to wait for up to three and a half hour for their run, and more or less were confined to staying under the available marquees and trying to keep dry before warming up for their run. The rain did relent periodically but left the area heavy and wet underfoot Crossing the steep slopes and river valleys-especially climbing- as well as some of the deeper gullies, became increasingly demanding.

Overall our athletes were satisfied with their solid all round performances. In particular debutants Fay Walsh and Tam Wilson should take a deal of satisfaction as they both delivered well balanced and sound runs and coped with the new pressures of international competition.

W18 was won by 24 seconds by Amanda Berggren of Sweden in 51.24. Top 3 places were covered by 30 seconds. Best placed GB runner was Pippa Dakin in 1.00.03. Pippa, along with many other W18s lost time towards the end of the race when confronted with a very high fence mapped with single tags - correct by standards but confusing in the extreme. Debutant Fay Walsh was next GB female, 41st in 1.04.18 closely followed by Alice Rigby in 43rd in 1.04.37. Jenny Rickets came in 62nd in 1.17.11, having suffered from a turned ankle during the run. There were 89 finishers and 6 females mis-punched.

The M18 race was won by an astonishing 4.03 by Oli Ojanaho of Norway in 47.25. Second and third placed runners were separated by just 1 second with the 4th placed runner only 8 seconds behind. Harrison McCartney finished top GB runner in 30th place taking 58.11, just under 2 minutes behind Harrison was Andrew Barr (42nd in 1.00.45). Next in 43rd was Tam Wilson in 1.00.59. Alex Carcus finished 50th in 1.03.05.

On Saturday the team competes in the relays. Following today’s races the following teams have been selected:

W18-Pippa Dakin, Fay Wilson and Alice Rigby.

M18-Andrew Barr, Tam Wilson and Harrison McCartney.

Alex is joining an ad-hoc team with two Irish colleagues. Jenny hopes to rest sufficiently to be able to take her place in Sundays sprint race.

Item posted by Mike Hamilton

European Youth Orienteering Champsionships 2015

The Athletes chosen to represent GB at the European Youth Orienteering Championships arrived in Cluj, Romania last night and spent today training on the model area maps and terrain. 

The athletes are:-
Andrew Barr, Alex Carcus, Harrison McCartney and Tam Wilson, who are joined by Pippa Dakin, Jennifer Ricketts, Alice Rigby and Fay Walsh.

Unfortunately, they seem to have brought over the British weather, with a steady drizzle until mid-afternoon, and with heavy overnight rain and a wet morning in store.

Thomas and Fay are making their GB debuts, and five of the others were running at a very tough EYOC 2014 in Macedonia.

The forest is described as “hilly, many contour details, deciduous forest, open and semi open lands with variable runability and visibility”. The areas are some 15 kilometres to the south of Cluj in the Transalvinian mountain foothills at an altitude of 3-400 metres.

After the training sessions the general view on the area was that it was fast and fairly visible. It is a little like some of the Forest of Dean, but very steep in places. They found underfoot conditions to be quite slippery on some fairly heavy clay. The Championship long distance event is tomorrow (Friday), followed by the forest relay on Saturday and a sprint in Cluj itself on Sunday. Our first starter is Harrison McCartney at 09.17, followed by :-

Tam Wilson 10.33

Fay Walsh 09.28

Jennifer Ricketts 09.46

Alice Rigby 10.48

Pippa Dakin 11.36

Alex Carcus 11.37

Andrew Barr 12.21

Results will be available on the EYOC site and we hope to have a report on the web tomorrow evening. Our best wishes for all our athletes who have spent the past months building to this event.

Item posted by Cerianne Dengate