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Appendix E - Event Safety of the Rules of Orienteering has been updated.
Thursday 26th March
Sports Coach UK Updates
Sports coach UK have provided a few updates recently that might be useful to coaches and clubs
Tuesday 24th March
Entries closing soon...
Don't miss out on participating in the British Long Championships 2015
Monday 23rd March
Event Programmes
Both JK and BOC Event Programmes are now available.
The 2014 British TrailO Championships, which had to be postponed from last September, were held on Saturday 21st March.
Friday 20th March
Congratulations Bill Marlow
Bill Marlow has been recognised by Number 10 Downing Street for the fantastic volunteering work he does in orienteering.
Course and class combinations for British Sprint Champs 2015
It has been noted that a mistake was made in the Development Update in the Spring 2015 edition of Focus.
Friday 13th March
Orienteering on BBC Alba
Watch the feature on how Moray schools are participating in Orienteering ahead of the World Orienteering Championships.
Don't miss the British Relay Championships

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Welcome to British Orienteering

Orienteering is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate in sequence between control points marked on a unique orienteering map and decide the best route to complete the course in the quickest time. It does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run, walk or jog the course and progress at your own pace.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban parks and school playgrounds.  It's a great sport for runners, joggers and walkers who want to improve their navigation skills or for anyone who loves the outdoors. Orienteering - The adventure sport for all. Read More

Entries closing soon...

Entries for Elite competitors close at midnight on 29 March.

Late entries for other Long Distance Championship competitors close at the same time although very late entries will be accepted up until midnight on 12 April subject to map and start time availabilities.


Enter now via 


A reminder that Relay entries close at midnight on Sunday 7th April but opportunity for very late entries until midnight on 15 April subject to map availability.


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Event Programmes

JK2015 Event Programme can be found here.


BOC2015 Event Programme can be found here.


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Congratulations Bill Marlow

Congratulations to Bill Marlow of Mid Wales Orienteering Club!


Bill who won BBC Cymru Wales' Sports Unsung Hero 2014 in November last year has now been recognised by Number 10 Downing Street in the Prime Minster's monthly Points of Light awards.


The Points of Light award recognises outstanding individuals - people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others.


The former teacher has been involved with the club for 24 years and organises, promotes and plans orienteering events for members and 42 local schools.


Head of Development, Craig Anthony said, "Bill is a great example of the type of volunteers we have in orienteering. It is great to see the level of commitment and enthusiasm for orienteering getting recognition on a national scale."


"I would encourage clubs and individuals to continue to nominate volunteers for such awards in 2015 as it is a great way to provide some much needed recognition for the long hours they put into orienteering and raise the profile of the sport "


Congratulations Bill and thank you for all the volunteering you do.


Item posted by Craig Anthony


British Sprint & Middle Champs 2015

Please note that start times for the Sprint Heats will not be published until about 10 days before the event. Start times will be determined by seeding. It is therefore recommended that all competitors arrange to get to Aldershot by mid-morning of the event at the latest.


Course and class combinations are as follows:









M16, M35, M40, M45






M14, M55

W16, W35



W40, W45, W50


M12, M65, M70

W14, W55


M75, M80+

W12, W60, W65, W70+





It should be noted that this combination is different from that which is recommended by the Rules for the Sprint Championships. The entry nowadays is too large for the current course combinations, since the start period for the heats would overlap with the start period for the finals due to course overcrowding. This new set of combinations has been proposed to the Events and Competitions Committee for future Sprint Championships to take up.


Both the British Sprint and Middle Champs competition will use the Emit touch-free punching system. Please see this PDF leaflet for details of the system. Please note that only an etag can be used with the emit touch free system, these will be issued to all competitors at Registration, the cost of the etag hire has therefore already been included in the main event fees.


Enter before midnight Sunday 26th April via


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39 National Governing Bodies Join Forces to Create New Voice for Sport

Sports say thank you to 1.9 million volunteers


10 March, London:  39 National Governing Body [NGB] Chief Executives have joined forces to launch the new NGB CEO Forum which will act as an independent voice to help influence and inform national and local policy on sport.  The CEO Forum includes mass participation and spectator sports such as football, rugby, cycling and athletics, through to table tennis, handball and boccia, and includes Olympic, non-Olympic and Paralympic sport. 


Adrian Christy, Chair of the CEO Forum and CEO of Badminton England said:  “39 National Governing Bodies have come together for the first time to promote their significant role, reach and impact in helping to deliver sport in England.  This impact is possible largely because of the amazing commitment, energy and passion of almost 2 million unsung sports volunteers, who, week in, week out, invest their time into creating and developing opportunities for thousands of people of all ages and abilities to take part in sport in local communities; they are a crucial part of the heartbeat of sport in this country and on behalf of the 39 Governing Bodies, we say a huge thank you.


“Over the past decade NGBs have been transformed with the injection of Government and National Lottery money and a much more professional and focused approach that has seen almost 1 million more people play sport at least once a week over the last decade.   However, there is still a lack of awareness among the public, politicians and influencers in terms of the impact of our work and the fact that it links to much wider social and economic agendas. 


The CEO Forum unveiled new research by Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre on the state of sport in England.  The study, entitled ‘State of Play’, was led by Professor Simon Shibli and demonstrates the impact of the CEO Forum’s 39 NGBs in helping to deliver sport in England in 2014.  ‘State of Play’ highlights include:


  • Over 1.8 million people belong to sports clubs [over 1 million more than the total membership of all UK political parties]

  • There are over 1.9 million NGB linked volunteers [more than the entire NHS workforce]

  • NGB linked volunteering was worth £4.9 billion

  • Almost 3 million sports competitions took place in England

  • Over 50,000 NGB affiliated clubs exist across England

  • 9.3 million people did at least 30 minutes of sport every week [up by almost around 900,000 since 2005/06

  • 317 major events were held in England

  • 169 positions were held in international sports administration



Professor Simon Shibli, Head of Sheffield Hallam University Sport Industry Research Centre said: “Our research demonstrates the huge impact NGBs are making in the delivery of sport in England at community and elite level, and their growing influence in international sports administration.  The fact that over one million more people belong to sports clubs than the combined total of all UK political party membership says much about how much sport matters to the wider population. 


“It is also interesting to see the huge scale of sports volunteering in England with over 1.9 million NGB linked volunteers, which is greater than the entire NHS workforce.  Their financial contribution was worth almost £5 billion in 2014 with sport being the second largest volunteer sector behind caring for family and friends. 


“CEO Forum NGBs also helped to deliver almost three million sports competitions last year and an increasing number within schools, as well a growing number of British officials holding positions in international sports administration.  Our research demonstrates the impact of NGBs in supporting some significant social and economic agendas crucial to whichever administration holds office at No 10 Downing Street from May.”


Adrian Christy added:

“With two months to go until the General Election, the CEO Forum is committed to working constructively with a new Government to ensure that the systems for elite and community sport deliver on their objectives.  We also want to ensure that NGBs remain at the heart of the sports system and that NGB funding is maintained to enable us to build on the significant progress achieved over the last decade.  In addition, we are calling for an overall vision for sport that aligns central and local Government with NGBs and stakeholders in the sporting landscape enabling a seamless system from school and community sport through to the podium.”


A PDF copy of ‘State of Play’ is available here.  All research in ‘State of Play’ relates to the calendar year 2014 and reflects the contribution and impact of the 39 NGBs of the CEO Forum. 


The 39 NGBs that make up the CEO Forum are:


Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boccia, Bowls, Boxing, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Goalball, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Lacrosse, Mountaineering, Netball, Orienteers, Rounders, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Shooting, Snowsport, Squash & Racketball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water-Ski & Wakeboard, Weightlifting, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby and Wrestling



‘State of Play’ Report 2014 – Orienteering

British Orienteering also want to thank their many volunteers for making 2014 so successful! Thanks to them British Orienteering hit all of our major targets, recording increases in participation and membership as well as a successful year ‘in the forest’.

Orienteering has been fully involved in the work leading to the publication of the ‘State of Play’ Report 2014 a report which highlights the significant positive impact national governing bodies of sport play in underpinning the health of the nation.

Each headline statistic from ‘State of Play’ is underpinned by orienteering’s contribution.

  • Over 1.8 million people belong to sports clubs [over 1 million more than the total membership of all UK political parties]

In 2014 there were 10,328 members of British Orienteering a 3% rise since 2013. These members belonged to one or more of 109 UK wide clubs.

  • There are over 1.9 million NGB linked volunteers [more than the entire NHS workforce]

Orienteering exists as a sport due to the hard work of our volunteers who we thank greatly. Independent research conducted by Sport England (Active People Survey) showed that 17,345 people acted as orienteering volunteers during 2014. This showed a significant increase in the number of orienteering volunteers over the five year period highlighting a rise from 6,402 in 2009 the first Active People Survey, an increase of 171%. This increase is one of the great success stories of the last 5 years for orienteering.

  • NGB linked volunteering was worth £4.9 billion

The value of volunteering in orienteering was put at being worth £52,734,217 in 2014 by the formula accepted by government.  This is quite staggering for a sport such as orienteering.

  • Almost 3 million sports competitions took place in England

Orienteering organised 4,896 events and activities in 2014, an increase from 4,172 in 2009. The number of competitions staged in 2014 was 1,751.

  • Over 50,000 NGB affiliated clubs exist across England

There are 109 affiliated clubs within British Orienteering.  These clubs are the umbrella clubs, which act to stage events often in large geographic areas, most county wide.

Many of these umbrella clubs, also act as more conventional clubs managing local delivery of Orienteering, directly or through satellite clubs.


  • 9.3 million people did at least 30 minutes of sport every week [up by almost around 900,000 since 2005/06

It is challenging in a sport such as orienteering to compare participation in the way that Sport England, Government and many other sports measure participation. We know from the independent Active People Survey in England that at least 10,800 different individual people orienteered at least once for 30 minutes or more in the 28 day period prior to them completing the survey.

British Orienteering use ‘footfall’ or ‘participant runs’ to measure the participation rate in orienteering. Participant runs in 2014 were at least 392,548 showing a significant increase from 2010 when participant runs totaled 208,576 representing an increase over the last four years of 88%.

Increased participation in orienteering are, along with volunteering, the big stories for orienteering.

  • 317 major events were held in England

2015 is a big year for orienteering with the World Orienteering Championships being staged in Scotland in August. By the end of 2015 British Orienteering will have staged two major international championships and, on average, 3 world ranking events per year; impressive for what is seen as a ‘minor’ sport.

  • 169 positions were held in international sports administration

Members of British Orienteering held 5 positions in the international administration of orienteering. The Presidency of the International Orienteering Federation is currently held by Brian Porteous a longstanding member of British Orienteering. There is little doubt that British influence within the international administration of orienteering would be greater if more financial support were able to be made available to our very able volunteers.


Once again a big thank you to our volunteers for your invaluable contribution to the delivery and development of orienteering.


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AGM 2015

The 34th Annual General Meeting of the British Orienteering Federation will be held on Friday 3rd April 2015 at Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre, Lancaster Univeristy, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW starting at 5.00pm. This is during the JK weekend and will be held after the Sprint event.


The proposals this year are for the adoption of accounts, appointment of auditors and Membership and Levy Fees.


After the change to the Articles of Association agreed at the 2012 AGM, British Orienteering are now able to distribute AGM documents via email.


An incredible 98% of our members have email addresses in the membership database and we are therefore providing access to electronic copies of the AGM documentation.


To view the AGM booklet access this link.

To view the Annual report access this link.

To view the Audited Accounts access this link.


On our website, all documents can also be found on the home page news and on the ‘News Archive' page.


By using emails to distribute the booklets, we will be able to make a considerable saving on print and postage, part of our drive to cut costs wherever possible.


Please accept our apologies if you have received this email more than once. This will be because your email address is held on the British Orienteering database for multiple family members e.g. same email address for yourself and child within a family.

If you would like to update email addresses, please email or make updates on the ‘My account’ section of the website.


If any member would like us to post a copy of the booklets directly to them, please email


Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the AGM or receiving your proxy vote.


Item posted by Cerianne Dengate

Talent Athletes Preparing for Competition Season

The GBR Talent Squad are moving into their last block of training before the JK, which is just over six weeks away. They are currently spending time with the National Coaches and in relevant terrain in Perthshire. Technical Talent Coach, Mark Nixon, is leading the programme for this five day camp and is supported by Physical Conditioning Coach, Paul Murgatroyd; Assistant Coach, Ed Nicholas; Performance Manager, Jackie Newton and coaches that are on the Talent Coach Development Programme: Iain Embrey, Heather Thomson and Vicky Thornton.


Athletes left to right: Thomas Wilson, Sarah Jones, Helen Ockenden, Hannah Cox, Alice Rigby, Mark Purkis, Natalie Beadle, Christopher Galloway, Hannah Cleary-Hughes, Nathan Lawson, Kathryn Barr, Alex Carcas, Emma Wilson, Andrew Barr, Jennifer Ricketts, Alexander Chepelin, Alistair Masson, Daniel Stansfield, Julie Emmerson, Aidan Rigby.


This is the third camp of the year for these athletes and, as we approach the competition period, the emphasis is on the technical aspects of Orienteering. The focus for the camp is “Learning to Race”. This follows the previous camps that revisited the fundamental skills of route choice, direction, distance and picture, in the first and second camps, and put them together into a comprehensive orienteering process aiming for reliability and consistency in the second camp.


On this camp, the athletes are moving through two cycles of training that includes long, middle and relay.  The first cycle continues to focus on taking the individual skills and putting them together into a comprehensive orienteering process and the second cycle is focussed on taking this orienteering process and executing it at speed and under pressure.


Photo - Mark Nixon, Technical Talent Coach, shadows Alex Carcas as he works on his orienteering processes.






In addition to working on technical and tactical skills, the athletes are looking at how they organise themselves in preparation for competition (long and short term) and are considering their pre-competition routines, warm-up methods and tapering. All in all, a good week of training sprinkled with some fun and games for good measure! 




Photo - Valentine's Day warm up!





Thanks goes to Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club, Saint Andrew's Orienteering Club and Tayside Orienteers for their support and help with maps and access and also to Kindrogan Field Studies Centre for fabulous accommodation and catering.


Item posted by Jackie Newton

The British Team at the World SkiO Champs

Sarah-Jane and Nick Barrable are interviewed by the Norwegian sports journalist Erik Borg


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Coaching Team Confirmed for Talent and Performance Programme

The coaching appointments for the Talent and Performance Programme have been completed and British Orienteering are delighted to confirm the addition of the following coaches to work within the programme until the start of the next funding cycle in 2017.


Technical Talent Coach (consultant) – Mark Nixon

Mark Nixon will look after the development of technical skill and ability within the Talent strand of the programme. Mark has represented Great Britain in both junior and senior international competitions and spent considerable periods of time studying and learning about the mastery of skill in orienteering. He recently retired from competition and is now focussed on developing his skill as a coach. He is the current Head of Performance Orienteering at the University of Edinburgh and will combine this role with the work that he will do with the Talent athletes for British Orienteering. Mark is currently planning a technical training camp that will take place 13th – 18th February in Perthshire.


Development and Performance Coach (consultant) – Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell will support the Development and Performance athletes as they work towards their targets at the World Orienteering Championships in 2015 and/or beyond. Liz has worked, with the previous Elite Development Squad, as a consultant to the programme since 2011. Liz has performed at international level in several sports, including orienteering, and is highly experienced as a coach. This new role will focus on the technical development and performances of the athletes and Liz is currently putting together the programme for 2015 and communicating with the athletes to confirm their goals and targets.


Assistant Coach (consultant) – Ed Nicholas

Ed Nicholas will support the programme coaches in delivering camps, liaising with athletes and confirming and monitoring athlete development plans. Ed has experience in coaching, managing elite programmes and is personal coach to several athletes in the current programme. Initially Ed will assist Liz Campbell in establishing Athlete Development Plans for the athletes in the Development Squad.


Already working within the programme are:

Physical Conditioning Coach – Paul Murgatroyd

Physiotherapist – Kim Baxter

Team Manager – Dave Rollins


Performance Manager, Jackie Newton, said, “After interviewing appropriate candidates for the coaching positions, discussions ensued and a clear picture was indicated on what was required to move the programme forward. This is slightly different from the initial vision for the staffing as we realise the opportunity to bring together a team with a wide base of skill and enormous passion. This is an exceptionally strong team and I am excited for the programme and the athletes that are on it about what can be achieved over the next two years and beyond.”


In addition to managing the programme, Jackie will take on the responsibility of supporting the Performance athletes, where necessary, with balancing their physical training programmes and their preparation for WOC 2015.


Thanks to everyone who tendered for these positions. Your thoughts and ideas contributed, both to the processes and the outcomes.


Item posted by Jackie Newton


Membership Renewals 2015

Membership Renewals for 2015 are now being accepted.


You can renew your membership in 3 ways:


  • Online: To renew your membership online and pay by card, simply login to the website using the details sent out previously. If you have forgotten your login details please click on the 'forgotten login' button on the homepage. To ensure that you keep your current membership number and to avoid having to re-enter all of your membership and contact details again, please ensure you login rather than joining as a new member.
  • Telephone: You can pay over the phone using a card by telephoning 01629 583037.
  • Cheque: You will receive a membership renewal reminder in the next few days which you can return to the National Office with a cheque.

If you have any questions regarding your membership please telephone the National Office on 01629 583037.

Cerianne Dengate
British Orienteering Membership Team

National Office Relocation

British Orienteering has now moved to Tansley, just the other side of Matlock from our previous premises. The new phone number is 01629 583037 and the address as follows:


Scholes Mill

Old Coach Road






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