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Tweet Wednesday 20th October 2021

Request for Orienteering Video Footage

Request by Emma Monkman, Access and Environmental Officer at British Orienteering

Emma Monkman, Access and Environmental Officer at British Orienteering, says: "From my discussions with staff and members similar themes are developing. Specifically, that gaining access for putting on our orienteering events of all sizes across the UK seems to be becoming much more challenging. I have been trying to put myself in the position of the Landowner or Manager and working out what would help them to understand our sport and ultimately grant access more easily. 

That’s where you come in! Do you or anyone you know have video footage of an event?  My preference would be for drone footage but to establish whether I need to commission a piece of filming work please send anything you have and are willing to share. It would be particularly helpful if it highlights minimal environmental impact.

Thank you.  I have now been in post for over two months and have had some really useful meetings and conversations about access challenges you are facing, but I would always like to hear more!" 


If you have any video footage and would like to gain more information about this project or simply get in touch with Emma direct and talk to her about any access issues your club is experiencing, please email:

Thank you.


Tweet Tuesday 19th October 2021

South Yorkshire Orienteers Win Compass Sport Cup

Report by Peter Guillaume, Compass Sport Cup Coordinator.  Photo credits:  South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO).

On 17 October 2021 South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO) hosted and were winners of the CompassSport Cup Final at Hesley and Tankersley, Sheffield defeating current holders Forth Valley (FVO) by 29 points. With West Cumberland finishing third, 23 points behind FVO.  SYO Juniors were notable winners of all the Junior courses.

South Yorkshire Orienteers 

In the Trophy competition scores were closer. South Ribble Orienteers were the winners defeating East Pennine Orienteers by just 10 points, with Interlopers further 9 points behind. A special mention for Moravian who justified their 850-mile return journey finishing in fourth place just a further 5 points down.

South Ribble Orienteering Club

One feature of this competition is the Golden Boot Sprint from the last control to the Finish. The Men's competition was tied resulting in Jamie Goddard (FVO) winning after defeating Stephen Elkington, Octavian Droobers in a run-off after both recorded the fastest times.  The Women's Trophy was won by Rachel Duckworth, Derwent Valley.

Jamie Goddard (FVO)
Rachel Duckworth (DVO)
At the run in

The results can be viewed here.  

Invitations for the 2022 Competition will be sent to clubs by the end of October.  The list of events can be viewed here.  

Forth Valley Orienteers will be hosting the 2022 Final on 16 October 2022 at Tulliallan when they will be looking to regain the Cup Trophy.

Congratulations to all.

Tweet Friday 15th October 2021

200 people set to enjoy the Northern Ireland Classic/Long Distance Championship this Saturday

This Saturday, just under 200 people will enjoy the navigational challenge of the NI Classic/Long Distance Championship.

This fixture was one of the casualties last year, so the host club, Fermo, are excited to welcome the participants who have been waiting excitedly.

The Cavan Burren is a technical area over varied terrain.  Dipping in and out of open upland and forest will provide all 12 courses with a high level of challenge.

Raymond Finlay Organiser of the NI Orienteering Championships and member of Fermanagh Orienteers, says:   
"Fermanagh Orienteers are looking forward to welcoming competitors to the NI Orienteering Championships which are in fact being held just across the border in Co. Cavan in the Republic of Ireland!  By UK standards this is a small event but FermO is a very small club so it is stretching our resources to the limit; thankfully we have good support from the other two clubs in NI.  We have a few intrepid competitors crossing the Irish Sea and a large number from all over the Republic of Ireland.  They will be coming to a very good area that was used in 2019 for the Irish Championships.  It is a very mixed and complex terrain.  The underlying geology is limestone which typically produces interesting contour detail, depression features, crags, pits/caves, and in places bare rock limestone pavement.  On top of this, the ice age left innumerable sandstone boulders.  The open area is typical farm upland with areas of fast close-cropped grassland and rough moorland.  There are many fences and ruined walls most of which are in poor condition.  The Forest is a remarkable place with very many archaeological sites of great antiquity.  The many ruined walls and numerous boulders make for confusing orienteering on stony terrain with difficult underfoot conditions.  Competitors will get their money's worth!"

Ancient tomb

Above photos:  

(left): Teresa Finlay (FERMO) has done an enormous amount of detailed organisation and preparation.

(middle): Typical forest terrain.

(right):  Raymond Finlay beside one of the larger boulders - locally called "Finn's Fist".

Ric Gamble Chair of neighbouring club Lagan Valley Orienteers, says:  "Although the event is the Northern Ireland Champs, the competition area is actually entirely in Southern Ireland.  Fermo is made up of members from both sides of the border and they have good links with the IOA.  This together with its reputation of organising and planning excellent courses and events has attracted great interest from our orienteering friends in clubs from all over the South as well as a few others traveling from other parts of the British Isles."

Lastly, Ric added:  "Within Fermo’s information they include, “Local archaeologists have, over the last 20 years, pieced together evidence of human habitation for at least 5 millennia.” I hope if I get lost in that forest it won’t take me so long to be found!"

British Orienteering would like to thank Raymond and Teresa Finlay and all members from Fermanagh Orienteers and neighbouring clubs for the time they have given to organise this event.  Fingers crossed for good weather.  

Wishing all orienteers attending this event and other events across the UK a great weekend of orienteering. 

Tweet Wednesday 6th October 2021

Success at Braunton Burrows for Chloe Potter (BOK) and Alasdair Pedley (EUOC)

Report and Photos by Alan Rosen member of Happy Herts Orienteering Club and Controller for the British Long Championships.

Congratulations to British Long Distance Champions Chloe Potter of Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK) and Alasdair Pedley of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club (EUOC)

Chloe led W21E from the second control on their 10.9k/285m course and, as Splitsbrowser shows, she had a consistently strong run to take the title from Lucy Butt of SARUM Orienteering Club by a very impressive 8 minutes. 

Alasdair came in just over a minute ahead of Ben Windsor of DRONGO, with all the leading M21Es losing time as the 15.9k/430m course took its toll.

The runners’ routes can be seen here on Routegadget.

The 26 courses on offer were physically challenging with short but sharp climbs to traverse the ridges of sand dunes.  Route selection was key, deciding whether to run straight or to negotiate the sometimes bewildering network of tracks, many made by the Army doing their off-road driver training.  Well done to all the very worthy British Champions.

The final control was on the base for a large flagpole which had, 50 or more years before, been 25m directly above its present position, on top of Flagpole Dune.  

Braunton Burrows is a UNESCO designated Biosphere reserve with features dating back to its use in preparation for the 1944 D-Day landings – it’s a great area for technical and physical orienteering so many thanks to the Christie Estate and their staff, and Marcus the local farmer, who couldn’t have been more helpful.

The event only had the go-ahead in the summer so the 800+ runners were very appreciative of the hard work put in by mapper Chris Johnson, Planners Paul Gebbett & Adam Potter, Coordinator Mike Forrest, Organisers Richard Rossington, Phil Beale, and Controller Alan Rosen.  An event like this would normally have had a good two years to prepare; they had about four months after the easing of lockdown rules.  The combined efforts of large numbers of Bristol Orienteering Klub and Devon Orienteering Club members meant that the event coped well with the last-minute loss of the car park field and the regular heavy showers that continued for the whole weekend.

Alasdair Pedley (EUOC)
Map - Course 17
Mike Bennett (Happy Herts Orienteering Club)
Jackie Hallet (Bristol Orienteering Klub)
Ronan Cleary and others (London Orienteering Klub)
Peter Jones (Southern Navigators)

British Long Distance Championships 2021 Results

Middle race results

British Orienteering would like to say a huge thank you to the team of people who put in hard work over such a short time to make the 2021 British Long Distance Champs a reality for competitors to enjoy.  Thank you to all the competitors who took part in this event and again contributed to it happening.

Entries are now open for NGOC’s British Nights Championships on 27 November at Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire.  See you there!