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British Orienteering is committed to developing accessibility to its educational material through eLearning where possible.

Our aim is for eLearning resources to be available and accessible to learners at a time and place of their choice. By providing online resources, we hope to ensure learners can easily access a growing number of up to date, useful and relevant resources.

Although accessibility is a key driver, we believe that eLearning should be used to enhance the learning experience and, it should be at the benefit of the learners. Courses are designed to take around 1 hour to complete. Learners can also log off and on and complete a course in chunks, depending on the learner's preference.

Typically, each course has a number of chapters formed from multiple pages, each page has one or more learner interactions which help to build knowledge and understanding and unlocks further course content.

Our eLearning is all about the learning process, rather than a formal assessment. The aim of the content is to provide the learner with information to help develop their understanding.

At the end of each course, there is a quiz to confirm the learners' understanding, the quiz content is formed from the course content. A certificate can then be downloaded by the learner to confirm that they have completed the course and the British Orienteering database member/participant record updated accordingly.

If you need to zoom in to any course content, there is a zoom button on each slide or you may wish to engage the zoom function within your web browser.

The tutor-led face-to-face workshops and courses will continue to be delivered on its current demand-led basis for those who wish to access their learning traditionally.

We are plan to add more courses to our suite of eLearning provision and develop and increase the number of eLearning courses.

There is no age restriction to the British Orienteering Elearning Training courses. Where learners are under 18 years of age, they may enrol, complete the course and gain a certificate. On turning 18 yrs old their certificate will become valid and can be deployed in the corresponding role.

Courses available