6-7 October ECTO+WRE ECTO 9 & 10: Czech Republic. PreO WRE + TempO WRE. Same venue as FootO World Cup
13 October   TempO linked with Rome City Race. Information here
26-31 December   Gran Canaria O-meeting, includes 1 day of TrailO. Information here
4-5 May ECTO+WRE FinTrailO, Porvoo/Tampere, Finland. TempO + 2 x PreO.  Information here
23-29 June   World TrailO Championships, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. Website and Bulletin 2 here
15-18 July min. 1 WRE FIN5 2019, incl. 3 x PreO + 2 x TempO competitions. Can do both FootO & TrailO. Info here
Nov-Dec   First Asian TrailO Championships, Hong Kong (PreO + TempO + Relay)
early November   World TrailO Championships, Hong Kong

WRE = IOF World Ranking Event

ECTO = European Cup in TrailO

The following events usually have one or more TrailO competitions along with FootO competitions:

Portugal O-meet, February (PreO)

Lipica Open, Slovenia (PreO)

JK, Easter weekend (TempO + PreO)

British Orienteering Championships and British TrailO Championships (PreO) on the same weekend, same venue

Wawel Cup, Poland, July (PreO)

Swedish O-Ringen, July (5 x PreO)

Scottish 6-Days, July-August (PreO)

Hungaria Cup, August (4 x PreO)

Cerkno Cup, Slovenia, August (PreO)

White Rose Weekend, August (PreO)