Support and Resources

Improving Performance

Below are a number of resources that are available to support orienteers to maximise their performances. 

Liba Sheeran,  former team physiotherapist describes core stability exercises and how to optimise performance:

Coaching and Training Advice

Written by Göran Andersson (ex GB Performance Coach and current coach to the Swedish Team) and translated by Jamie Stevenson. This book describes all the aspects of becoming a World Class athlete.

Useful links

UK Sport works in partnership with the home country sports councils and other agencies to lead sport in the UK to world-class success. Sign up for the UK Sport newsletter at to find out all the latest news.

Sport England is the Government agency responsible for advising, investing in and promoting community sport and talented athletes. Further information can be found at

British Olympic Association (BOA)

The BOA is responsible for everything to do with GB competing at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. The BOA is not funded or controlled by government, has no political interests and dependents on commercial sponsorship and fundraising income. The BOA is the strong, independent voice for British Olympic Sport. Their website has lots of useful advice.

English Institute of Sport (EIS)

The EIS provides a nationwide network of world-class support services, designed to foster the talents of our elite athletes. The range of services supplied by the EIS spans sports science and sports medicine, additionally, the EIS delivers a Performance Lifestyle programme which provides supplementary career and education advice. Unfortunately, Orienteering is not currently one of the EIS supported sports. Further information can be found on the EIS website.

Other Links

Peak Performance Sports Injury Bulletin

Advice from the latest Sport Science research with lots of useful information on sports training, injury prevention and cures.


World of O

The best starting point for International Orienteering News, giving you news from all big and small orienteering sites around the world.



This is the official site of the International Orienteering Federation.