Planners are able to plan orienteering courses designed to meet the needs of the orienteers who will participate in an event. The planner’s responsibilities include:

  • Planning courses in accordance with the guidelines
  • Choosing control sites
  • Determining the shape and length of the courses
  • Ensuring the course will challenge the participants and differentiate between them
  • Preparing draft control descriptions
  • Placing controls

Support Documents

Please see the Mapping and Planning section of the Event Officials Handbook.


 There are two levels of training available:

  • Level D & C
  • Level B - Currently under review
Level C Planner

If you wish to become a Level C Planner you will be required to attend a short course which will be organised by a club, group of clubs or associations.

As a Level C Planner you will:

  • Be able to plan a Level D or C event
  • Understand the techniques required to plan at this level and the potential pitfalls that should be guarded against. 

Pre-Course knowledge you require includes:

You will also be required to complete a short Questionnaire prior to attending the course.

On conclusion of the course you will be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the role of the planner
  • Knowledge of the roles of the controller and organiser
  • The mechanisms involved in planning
  • The ability to:
    • Determine the technical difficulty of legs
    • Determine the technical difficulty of courses
    • Layout Start / finish
    • Tape control sites
    • Draft Control Description sheets
    • Check maps and produce map corrections
    • Hang controls
    • Produce an event timetable

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