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Recognised Centres

British Orienteering's Recognised Centre scheme is designed to support outdoor education centres to deliver course outcomes through a high-quality orienteering experience. We are committed to supporting the outdoor industry to deliver personal development objectives identified by visiting groups through engaging and challenging orienteering activity.

The process of becoming a recognised centre involves examining the quality of orienteering provision in relation to a set of benchmarks. These benchmarks cover the following areas:

  •     Orienteering Delivery
  •     Staff
  •     Resources
  •     Policies and procedures

British Orienteering recognises the role that outdoor centres play in introducing the sport of orienteering to young people across Britain and the rest of the world.

Why should I want it?

Below is a list of benefits of becoming a British Orienteering Recognised Centre;

  • British Orienteering Recognised Centre Logo: Only Recognised Centres can use the Recognised Centre logo promoting your centre as a provider of high-quality outdoor learning through orienteering.
  • British Orienteering Recognised Centre Plaque: Display a high-quality British Orienteering Recognised Centre plaque in your centre. Letting your customers know that your centre is delivering high-quality outdoor learning outcomes through orienteering.
  • Training Delivery: Generate income through hosting coach and teacher training.
  • Increased Orienteering Business: Regular promotion of your centre to British Orienteering registered schools, clubs and talent squads. A high profile listing on the British Orienteering website.
  • Engage with Schools: Advice on how orienteering can link to the national curriculum maximising opportunities for your centre to engage with schools before and after their visit.
  • Improve Staff Engagement: Engage and support your staff to deliver a quality orienteering experience
  • British Orienteering e-newsletter: an e-newsletter which is sent out at the beginning of every month
  • All this and the full support of British Orienteering, just contact us to tap into our wealth of experience in orienteering.

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If you would like more information please contact the National Office on 01629 583037 or

How it works

British Orienteering has advisors based around the UK that work with our recognised centres to continuously improve the quality of delivery. Following initial registration and payment, the centre will be contacted by a member of British Orienteering staff who will provide the centre with access to the British Orienteering online portal. On the portal, the centre is able to complete a pre-visit form at which point an advisor will be appointed.

The online portal enables centres to access the Recognised Centre Guidance Notes and their action plan.

The advisor will work with the centre to assess current standards against Recognised Centre benchmarks and develop an action plan to continue to improve the experience for all groups visiting the centre.