Club Development Officer (CDO)

What is a Club Development Officer (CDO) and how could your club benefit from one?

A Club Development Officer (CDO) is a paid (employed/contracted) role to carry out a specific task(s) within a club. The nature of this role and contract will be dependent on the clubs needs and ambitions.

It is up to the club committee to decide the role of the CDO, ideally this will come from the Club's Strategic Plan.

Application for support for financing this position can be made to the Orienteering Foundation. The Orienteering Foundation welcomes applications for funding that meet their key objectives which are to help orienteering and promote the sport of orienteering. They have been involved in supporting many development projects, including the funding of CDOs within three clubs since 2020.

Here are the aims of the three CDO projects supported by the Orienteering Foundation:

  • Increase membership, particularly people in their 20s and 30s, including those with young families - Cleveland Orienteering Klub (2020)
  • Create three new hubs with new maps to support events targeted at newcomers.  To increase members, especially their active members, and to increase the number of events they provide - Forth Valley Orienteers (2021)
  • Increase recruitment of new members, enhance the development of new and existing members, and generate enthusiasm for the sport that results in new members being retained - Swansea Bay Orienteering Club (2022)
  • Introduce Orienteering as an enjoyable family friendly health enhancing outdoor activity - targeting families of Primary School age - Lakeland Orienteering Club (2022)
  • To rebuild the energy and the enthusiasm of the club, recruit and train new members and provide training for existing members - Derwent Valley Orienteers (2023)

To find out more and to apply for funding visit: Apply for funding-The Orienteering Foundation

Here are some supporting materials/examplary documents: 

British Orienteering Webinar: Supporting club development through the employment of a Club Development Officer

CDO Expression of Interest to the Orienteering Foundation

CDO Job Description

CDO Advert 

CDO Interview examplary questions

CDO Application Assessment Sheet

CDO Assignment Confirmation

CDO Contract example 1

CDO Contract example 2

CDO Club Memorandum of Understanding

CDO Risk & Uncertainties