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2021 sees the continuation of the live webinar programme. These sessions are delivered using the Go To Webinar platform providing easy access for all to view. 

Subjects will be delivered by many different guests drawing on the experience of members from across the country, showing examples of successful club projects and hearing from people outside of orienteering sharing best practice which you could adapt for your club.

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This page will contain all the dates and live session information as they are confirmed. Each session will last approximately 45/60 minutes and is free to watch.

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Mapping Webinar - Part 2: An Introduction to surveying and creating base maps

Tuesday 4 May 2021

This webinar is aimed at beginner mappers.

The main content of this session introduces the various products and packages available for you to create base maps. It provides an introduction to setting up a map, from selecting the area to generating a base map as well as the basics of contours and georeferencing.  

Martin Hore (SUFFOC), Simon Starkey (LEI), Ben Mitchell (SBOC) and John Moody (Kerno) all present and share their knowledge and skills using different mapping software, providing an an overview of creating base maps using Open Orienteering Mapper and OCAD. 

QGIS and LiDAR are also demonstrated and other sources discussed.


Mapping Webinar – Part 1: Background Basics 

Tues 20 April 2021 


For beginner mappers and those interested in learning about mapping this session brings you some background basics to Orienteering mapping including what makes a good orienteering map, the methodology of updating/improving an exisiting map and practical demonstrations and exercises.

Martin Bagness (WAROC) and Ian Cooper (SYO) present the content and were also joined by experienced mapper panellists David Olivant (NOC), Rod Postlethwaite (WRE) and chair of map group Terry Smith (SOC).

Getting Started with Orienteering Mapping – An Introduction

Orienteering Mapping – An Introduction to Generalisation


Sharing return to Orienteering club experiences

From experiences of returning to traditional events to virtual leagues - hear about club experiences and get the latest National picture from British Orienteering.  We heard from a selection of club speakers including Jon Eaton (WCOC), Colin Dickson (BAOC), Jason Falconer (WSX), Phill Batts (CLOK), Martyn Roome (SROC). DVO example not featured on the eve is also below.


British Orienteering AGM 2020

Saturday 1st August 2020

This years AGM took place virtually due to the current restrictions surrounding COVID-19. 

Q&A on the Back to Orienteering guidance.

Tuesday 21st July 2020

This session outlines the key points resulting from the published guidance for each nation and took live questions. We hope this session provides the confidence and practical understanding to support clubs as they continue to move forward in planning their return to local level event delivery.


Entries, Booking & Contactless payment systems.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

This session provides a recap of fully integrated entry with payment systems - Fabian, SI, Eventrac etc followed by some excellent examples of individual club booking systems from CLOK, POTOC & HH.  An overview of the most common contactless card payment systems - Izettle vs Sumup vs Square is provided along with a helpful experience of using iZettle from SLOW.  LVO also provide a helpful iZettle user guide handout.


Introduction to the UsynligO Virtual App

Monday 15th July 2020

Simon Bailey from BOK demonstrates how the UsynligO app can be used to set up virtual courses, the practicalities and functions of the platform as well as taking questions.


Q&A on the next steps of the Back to Orienteering plan

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Join British Orienteering CEO Peter Hart and the Development team to discuss the Back to Orienteering action plan. Peter and the team answered your questions live and heard your thoughts for how local events and the sport may look when local events and activities resume.

Bitesize Webinar session

Using OCAD for Map Run

In this recorded session, Pat discusses using OCAD with MapRun. Pat provides support for users of the MapRun App on using OCAD maps/exporting courses.


Bitesize Webinar session

Map Run Administration

In this recorded session, Pat follows up his earlier Map Run webinar by explaining the local administration role associated with Map Run.


Open Orienteering Map
Tuesday 19th May 2020

This session sees Oliver O'Brien demonstrating how to use Open Orienteering Map, the practicalities and functions of the platform as well as relating its use for creating virtual Orienteering and it's more familiar use in urban/ street orienteering.


How to use the MapRun app for virtual courses Tuesday 12th May 2020

In this webinar Pat demonstrates how the app can be used to set up virtual courses, the practicalities and functions of the platform as well as taking questions and answers.  


Using Routegadget to set up virtual courses Thursday 8th May 2020 In this webinar, Simon demonstrates how to use Routegadget to set up virtual courses (without SI results), the practicalities and functions of the platform as well as an taking questions to provide further insight into its practicalities.
Getting to know Routegadget Thursday 5th March Simon Errington from Hertfordshire Orienteering Club (HH) presents all about Routegadget. Showing you the basics through to some more advanced techniques.
Organising successful events Thursday 28th November 2019 In this webinar, Helen Errington (HH) unpicks the key functions involved in organising different types of orienteering events event. Throughout the session Helen discusses ways to ensure events are delivered as successfully as possible and considering the criteria by which an event might be considered to be successful relative to its aims.
Top tips for club promotion Thursday 10th October 2019 This short, 20 minute webinar looked at some important tips for promoting your club and event. Looking at how to source the ideal promotional photo, to overlaying the right text and then some key hook words to help sell your event.
University Orienteering - Getting the most from your clubTuesday 10th September 2019 Are you involved in running your University Orienteering Club? Would you like new ideas to grow your club and find out more ways to get out orienteering? Then look no further than our live webinar for University clubs. 
Understanding purple pen Tuesday 23rd July 2019 Simon Errington from Hertfordshire Orienteering Club (HH) provides an insight into understanding purple pen. Showing the basics through to some more advanced techniques. It will be useful to ensure you have Purple Pen downloaded onto your computer to practice afterwards or as you view the session.
Delivering participant focused events
Thursday 27th June 2019

This session drew on current insight to better understanding what makes an excellent experience for participants at local and regional events.

Led by Martin Chester, author of 'Getting Active Outdoors' and former Director of Training at Plas y Brenin, the session looked at the specific needs and expectations of different participant groups. The webinar shared what has been successful in this area and highlight practical ways that events can be adapted and tailored.

This webinar will provide support for those planning and delivering club events and looking for different ways to put the participant at the heart of this process.

Growing your clubs volunteers 23rd May 2019

This session looked at what clubs can do to help increase the numbers of volunteers within your club. Alongside recruitment, there was dicussion looking at how you can both sustain and develop your volunteers.

Jenny Betteridge, Strategic Lead for Volunteer at Sport England joined the session to providing excellent insight, knowledge and experience away from Orienteering which clubs can look to adapt within the sport.

Attracting and retaining juniors 25th April 2019 This webinar shared one club’s experience of planning and implementing a new junior programme. 
SARUM started a successful new junior club in 2017, offering a fun and enjoyable programme for local families. 
Club members recounted how they planned the project, acquired the funding, recruited and retained the families.  
There is also an interview with a mother about her family’s experiences with orienteering as part of a busy life.
Coaching newcomers 28th March 2019 This session shared DVO's experience of running parks series and introducing new families and individuals to our sport. What needs to be in place at the first event and how you might develop this to encourage newcomers into mainstream orienteering and club activities.
Communication social media v traditional methods 14th March 2019 This session discussed the different methods clubs have used to promote themselves and their events. Utilising the experiences of TVOC, there is advice on avenues to try, how to get there and discussing just what it is the club want to achieve and get out of any promotion.
Planning focus 28th February 2019 The session looks at planning, from where to begin, tips and advice as you move forward creating your event. Barry Elkington will lead the session. Barry is an extremely experienced and highly regarded planner. The session is for everyone who is looking to start planning and for those who are experienced and are looking to give advice to others, continue their learning and share ideas. 

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