Live sessions

Find out when sessions are running and catch up on-line. 

2019 sees the first full programme of live webinars delivered for our members. These sessions are delivered using the Go To Webinar platform providing easy access for all to view. 

Subjects will be delivered by many different guests drawing on the experience of members from across the country, showing examples of successful club projects and hearing from people outside of orienteering sharing best practice which you could adapt for your club.

You'll need to register using through the links below which will provide you the easy steps to follow at the time of the session. If you miss the session we'll also have details of how to catch up in your own time.

This page will contain all the dates and live session information as they are confirmed. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes and is free to watch.

Session & registration link Date Time

Communication social media v traditional methods

This session will discuss the different methods clubs have used to promote themselves and their events. Utilising the experiences of TVOC, there will be advice on avenues to try, how to get there and discussing just what it is the club want to acheive and get out of any promotion.

Thursday 14th March 19:00

Planning Focus - Repeat from 28th February

The webinar session revisits the Planning Focus Webinar originally aired on the 28th February. The session looks at planning, from where to begin, tips and advice as you move forward creating your event. Barry Elkington will lead the session. Barry is an extremely experienced and highly regarded planner. The session is for everyone who is looking to start planning and for those who are experienced and are looking to give advice to others, continue their learning and share ideas. 

Tuesday 26th March 19:00

Coaching newcomers

This session shares DVO's experience of running parks series and introducing new families and individuals to our sport. What needs to be in place at the first event and how you might develop this to encourage newcomers into mainstream orienteering and club activities.

Thursday 28th March 19:00
Attracting and retaining juniors Thursday 25th April 19:00

To revisit our pilot webinars from 2018, follow the links below;

How do the sessions work?

After you've registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with the link you need to follow at the time of the session. Simply click the link at the right time and you're there. 

Each session will be unique to the subject discussed. However for each one you'll be able to ask questions throughout through the question or chat functions. In some cases you'll be able to raise your hand and verbally ask a question. Short polls and multiple choice questions may also feature, providing you the opportunity to play your part at the click of a button.

Sharing advice and support.

How can you get involved?

Should you have a subject you'd like to hear about or would be interested in contributing too or delivering a session, please contact Peter Brooke on