Badge Scheme

National Badge Scheme

The British Orienteering National Badge Scheme awards badges on the basis of performance over a series of events. Badges are graded Championship, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The scheme is open to British Orienteering members only.

Championship Badges

Championship Badges are awarded each calendar year to Elite, Long or A course competitors who have achieved the Championship Badge qualifying times at three of the events listed below (all of which must be registered at level A).

  • The British Long Distance Orienteering Championships
  • The British Middle Distance Orienteering Championships
  • The British Sprint Distance Orienteering Championships (A Finals only)
  • The British Night Championships
  • The Jan Kjellström Sprint
  • The Jan Kjellström Individual Events (combined result of Day 2 and 3)
  • The Northern, Midland and Southern Area Championships
  • The Scottish and Welsh Championships (if they are registered as Level A events)
  • Or at any British Orienteering Championship if staged separately (i.e. if for instance there are separate Elite Championships)

A qualifying time in one age class may not count towards a Championship Badge in another class. In all cases, only the results of those entering the competition as British Orienteering members will be counted in determining the qualifying time.

**The formulae used to determine the qualifying time for competitors can be found on the Rules page.


Gold, Silver and Bronze Badges

These badges are also awarded on performances in the events listed above. Competitors must compete, on their own, and reach the required standard in three events in the same class within the two years.

**The formulae used to determine the qualifying time for competitors can be found on the British Orienteering website under Rules.


Applying for your Badge

Applications should be made to the National Office:

Please include an email address in case of queries.

Please enclose the following:

1) The appropriate fee (cheque made payable to British Orienteering)

2) An appropriate SAE (A4 size with a Large letter postage stamp for certificates).

3) Name and age class of claimant

4) British Orienteering club and membership number of the claimant.

5) The organizing club (it is not helpful to just name the event area or an event, such as November Classic or SOL 10) and the dates of the 3 events. Back claims are possible IF we can retrieve the relevant records from the Internet.

6) The position and time of the claimant in each event.

7) The standard being claimed.

Woven cloth badge  - £1.50
Certificate - £0.50
Age (e.g W12) flash - £0.50